Volvo XC60 AWD Deal Check - Atlanta

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Hoping for a deal check on a current offer I have on a 2020 T6 Momentum AWD with Advanced Package (must have) in Atlanta. Willing to travel ~4 hours for the right deal.

Local Dealer has provided the following info:

36 months / 10k miles

MF- .00081
Residual- $31335.75
Volvo incentive- $3250
A-Plan (Pin # required)- $750
Dealer incentive- $5429.33

Total Purchase 45,545.67
Dealer Service Fee 699.00
ETR 49.00
Tax .00
GA Lemon Law 3.00
License Fee 21.00
Title Fee 18.00
Acquisition Fee 995.00
Net Price 47,330.67
Trade Payoff
Cash Down 2,000.00
Balance 45,330.67

Thank you in advance

What is the MSRP? Around $54,975? Are you doing 36/7.5K miles? Not sure how they give you almost 10% off before incentives on a-plan because it limits discount to invoice.

I’m off by $4/mo

Pshaw. You are paying that much for an Xc60? Why not get an etron for the same price?

Ooops - added - it’s 36 months / 10k

Would love to, but need gasoline as it’s our only car and we’re apartment dwellers without access to a charging station.

Also dealing with pretty thin inventory from I’ve found in the area

Why are you putting cash down of 2k? That’s a big no no there.

It is not “down”, it is DAS

Ah, ok. The verbage is misleading. Really should have said DAS.

He copied from the dealer’s email, most likely, and this is how they present it.