Volvo XC60 2018 Inscription NorCal

Hello Leasehackrs!
My first post here as I just discovered this wonderful place! I’m looking to lease for the first time and I’m really liking the xc60 (would go for 90 but out of budget) inscription.

I started emailing dealers near me (94043) and here the best I have seen so far is

Sale price is 52737 less the 500 rebate for leasing.
With 5k down, 10k miles, 36 months
$636.43 tax inc.

Which puts it at $774.43 / month

thoughts? What are the best offers you have gotten so far?

Well, the good news is you’ll wind up doing a lot better than that!

The leases are a little better on the 2018s, which have a better MF and $500 lease cash. There will be a lot more 2019s to choose from, including everything for the whole US flowing through Benicia.

Consider a T6 instead of a T5. 2018 T5 Inscriptions are scarce vs T6s. The 2019 T6s have a higher MF, but 36 month RVs are 3% higher. 36 months is the sweet spot.


I’m assuming a MF of .00087 is really high, I will keep looking.

Can you give me some ideas on what is ‘A lot better than that’?

.00087=2.088% APR
With 10 MSDs it’s .00037=0.88% APR
Not really high.

What’s the MSRP of the car? I agree with KD6 with the T6 thing, there’s a lot more benefits this month because of how many there are. Even better would be a Momentum, but of course I’m not sure if you want to go a tier down. I’m about to post my deal on another thread if you’re interested in the Momentum. Going back to your deal though, I can’t tell for sure if the deal is okay because I don’t know what the MSRP of the car is, but from what I’m assuming it’s not a very good deal. I would suggest if you don’t put $5000 down in cap cost reduction due to the risk it carries (especially for a lease), and you instead put the $5000 down in MSD’s. Assuming the car is $53237 MSRP (from what I understood), you should at least be aiming for $48978 (8% off). Also the money factor on the XC60 T5 is 0.00052 at the moment, so in this case it seems like the money factor is being inflated if it’s 0.00087 (at least that’s what it is in most areas).

Is MSD available for all dealers? Also if the MF is inflated in my case, is this where I should go sit down with the sales and negotiate? Good to know that 8% is the target to shoot for.

I’m open to momentum as well after sitting in one yesterday, however I do like the nappa leather which comes with the extended leg support though.

Side bar question, is it just me or is the Volvo seats shorter than Audi/BMW?

It’s available for Mercedes-Benz, Scion, Lexus, Audi, Toyota, Volvo, and Infiniti (my source being the Leasehackr Calculator). I would suggest you do this through email. You need to let the dealer know you know the MF and RF for your region (lookup XC60 Edmunds lease forum and ask for your MF and RF for the car model you have in mind and for your zip code to confirm what it is) so that can be adjusted to what it should be. After looking at TruePrice an average of $5696 is saved when getting an Inscription at $53045 MSRP T5 so you should actually aim for 10-11% off. With the MSD’s specify how many MSDs you would like, and use the Leasehackr calculator to figure out how much money you will be spending on each MSD. Try to only put like $1000 down at the most not including first month’s payment. I mean if you like the Nappa leather then you should definitely get the car you like the most. Momentum deals are a lot better though, with me getting a discount of 16% off MSRP.

MF/RV are National, incentives are local.

Wait…If MF is national, how come I just got a . .00109 from Marin Luxury Cars (94925)…

Marked up? What is the exact model and term?

This is the car.

.00059 buy rate…

what is the difference between buy rate and MF?

buy rate = MF without mark up :slight_smile:

sorry for asking dump questions, can you tell me how did you calculate the buy rate in this case?

You need to start with reading about leasing, so you understand basics, at least.

It’s in the dealer’s lease guides. You have to have a lot of other components in a quote to calculate it.

If you qualify for A-Plan, the 2019s were added as of yesterday.

The Nappa leather kicks in with the Luxury Seat pkg on an Inscription only. By then, you have a pretty expensive XC60.

How do I know if I qualify for A Plan? I work for Deloitte and we have a employee perk site powered by TrueCar. I don’t see a place where I can generate a pin…