Volvo XC40 R-Design Lease Question

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If you’re in nj, NY or pa, i have a new rdes posted for less.

Based on the research I’ve done, I feel I have a pretty good understanding of how to use the calculator. However, I was hoping to clarify some seemingly contradictory information I’ve read in applying the results from it. One source essentially said to use the sales price that Edmunds suggests, less any incentives, and don’t pay anything above that. But the suggested sales price from Edmunds is not much of a discount (only about 3% off MSRP), much less than what some on this forum recommend to aim for.

This is my biggest challenge right now. I was hoping that people on this forum could help me have realistic expectations for what is a good value. Like i said, some say aim for 10%-15% off MSRP, but then I’ve also heard that invoice price is typically about 7%-10% less than MSRP. If this is correct, I’m of impression that dealers aren’t likely to go below invoice unless they are really trying to move a car for a volume bonus. This is where some of my confusion comes in.

I know many people prefer to have specific numbers in mind and then reach out to dealers by email presenting that price. The reason why I was in contact with some dealers before doing that is because I did a search on the AAA website to see if I could get any deals as a member. That automatically sent my info to some local dealerships, who then reached out to me. I figured it didn’t hurt to get a quote just as starting point, since they offered.

I am not against using a broker, but I thought the purpose of this site is for people to also learn how to negotiate on their own behalf.

By using broker’s spreadsheets you can see how much they discounted each car. This should be Your goal but it would be nice if you get more.

Edmunds is the source for RV, base MF and incentives for your location.

Use recent comparable leases for guidance on selling price.

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I’m in NJ. How do I see your listings?

There’s a sheet there. I have a cheap t5r posted

She was looking for the R-Design in Fusion Red. How do we know the color of the cars on your page?

I don’t have any rdes in red. The 44k one is silver. I have a 45k in thunder gray.

Edmunds is also showing me the invoice, and it’s only 6% less than MSRP. Given this, do you think it’s unreasonable to expect to get, say 10%-12%, off MSRP?


Ok. Thanks anyway. She really has her heart set on red, or at least white as the last resort. A local dealer said they can get the red, so at this point I want to figure out my best strategy for negotiating a good price.

I can check with my store if they have any red or white rdes incoming, if that works. I have a white 46250…it has polestar. Let me know if interested

She’d be interested in the white, but only if we exhaust all other options for a red. If you can check about the red that would be great. Also, Her current lease with Audi ends on May 13th so we are looking to do a deal sometime before that.

Shoot me a text at 732-779-2587 and I’ll run the white. I also texted the store about a red

Like you’re doing here:

I got my hands on a red. Just waiting on its msrp so i can run numbers. Shoot me a text so i have your number and can send

The edmunds forum, where you post and ask based on your zip, is the general go-to resource for rv/mf/incentives. Beyond that, forget that it exists.

Invoice is an irrelevant number.

I’m not arguing with you, but I’m curious why you say this. Many other sources I’ve watched/read said that since invoice is the price the dealer pays, they tend not to go below it unless they really need to make the sale for a volume bonus. I’m just trying to educate myself as much as possible.

Invoice is not what dealer cost is. Depends on the brand

I agree that a dealer isn’t going to do a loser deal unless it benefits them in some other way, selling at invoice isn’t a loser deal. There’s holdbacks, factory cash, money from financing, etc. How much varies by brand/vehicle.

Personally, I haven’t paid invoice or over on any new car I’ve ever bought/leased, including my Palisade which still has dealers asking over MSRP for.

Every single infiniti done on LH ever is a loser. Those cars have no holdback.