Volvo XC40 Momentum (Premium) Deal Check

Hi Guys!

Looking to pick this up today. First time being a “smart” lessee. Please tell me your thoughts/if you need more info to decide.

36 Mo./10K
MSRP: $41,465
Dealer Discount: ($8,011)
Selling Price: $33,453
MF: .00048 (w/MSD reduction)
DAS: $2,307 (plus $406 DMV fee)
Residual: 57% ($23,635)
Monthly Payment: $329
MSDs: 10

Oh! They’re also picking up my last 3 lease payments ($149/month)

Thank you so much!!

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What is the pre-incentive discount?

What is buy rate MF?

Why is your DAS $2307 plus dmv fees? What are you actually paying at sale?

They aren’t picking up your 3 last lease payments. They’re either rolling it in or reducing your discount to cover.


Thanks! I don’t think I have any additional incentives other than the dealer discount (at least they haven’t been broken out & dont qualify for loyalty).

not sure what buy rate MF is but next to the MF the guy wrote in “w/MSD reduction” - should I ask for this info?

You’re totally right about the lease payments - when I asked where that was shown on the deal sheet - he told me that the manager actually did NOT work that into the deal.

Kind of shitty that they weren’t transparent with the DMV fees (why aren’t those included in all the other fees they itemized) and now going back on the last 3 lease payments they promised to cover.

Actually paying $2357 cash down, $329/1st month, $406 DMV, and $3,290 MSDs = $6,382 TOTAL

What you should do is back off from talking to the dealers for a bit. Head to the Edmunds lease forum for the xc40 and ask for MF/RV/incentive information for this trim in your zip code. This will tell you what incentives the dealer is burying into the discount and what, if any, mark up they’re applying to the mf. The dealer is not the place to go to ask that information. It is not in their best interest to provide it.


Where is this?

You are not paying that. 10 MSDs should be $3,500 on $329/mo

Thanks, making me think they’re a bit amateur over there…

thanks! someone asked the question in the edmunds forum and looks like there are no current incentives…

You need to ask with your zip code. Incentives vary by region. You also want to get MF/RV from them anyway.

There’s $2000 incentives available on the t5 momentum that they’re rolling into the discount.

Even still, that puts you at a bit under 15% pre-incentive which is a solid discount, especially if that’s buy rate MF

Must be punched demo/loaner, I guess.
Or there is some unadvertised dealer cash, right @aronchi? :smirk:

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Nope 30 miles, brand new car. guess this is your way of saying it’s a good deal?

Its a crazy good deal i think

If it’s close to 15% before incentives, as @mllcb42 calculated, then absolutely. But I’ve never seen 15% discounts on a new Volvo. The best was 14% @cheapdad00 and probably some others got on S90. Like I said - I think it’s either a punched demo with no miles or there is some dealer cash on XC40

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