Volvo V90 loaners

I really like the V90 CC and there are a ton of V90 CC in the chicago area languishing in dealer lots for 400 and 400 days now sold as retired loaners. They have given me lease quotes on a T5 loaner with 4350 miles MSRP 56530 sale price of 46530 Monthly 508 Drive off 1250,

What should a good sale price to negotiate before discounts?

I’m on the same boat, really hope to be able to find one for around $450… still trying to figure out if it possible…

the RV for 36/12 I think is around 52%, and MF is 0.00026. hope next month will have more incentive…

Most people have been getting around 17-20% off MSRP on Volvo loaners, it’s not a bad price, I’m also in that boat with everyone, trying to find a V90 CC myself.

Dealers would rather sell than lease them this month. Their advertised discount of $13,000 (with $6,750 + 11% off) on purchase looks way more enticing than $3,750 + 11% on a lease.
In any case, if your sale price is before incentives then it is not a bad discount on a loaner and not a bad payment.

Not to sound like a broken record, but one thing worth checking is if one qualifies for A-Plan. A dealer can check any employers for your household on their A-Plan Affinity Tools website. On 2018-2019 S90s/V90s/V90CCs it’s worth $3,000, which takes a lot of the discounting away from the dealer. It doesn’t apply to demos or loaners, but it’s worth considering.

The title: “Volvo V90 loaners:wink: Invoice + 3k < 18% off discount on a loaner.

I’m aware of that. I said one thing worth checking is if one qualifies for A-Plan. Some people may not realize they qualify for that and miss out on a good deal for a new car they can pick and choose. A-Plan is probably (depending on local incentives) invoice minus $3,750 minus $3,000 on 2018s. And there’s no reduction in the residual for $0.20/mile. On a 5,000 mile car, that’s a $1,000 disadvantage.

A loaner with a good discount (like 18% off) will always be cheaper than a new one with an a-plan, even with the reasonable mileage penalty (up to ~5,000 miles). Agree?
The OP asked about his loaner deal, so what is the point even talking about a-plan in relation to loaners?

Just suggesting it as an alternative. It’s a big assumption to think someone looking for a loaner isn’t aware of A-Plan. The discounts on loaners is all over the map- A-Plan is simple. An educated shopper should be aware of both and if they qualify for A-Plan, should see what that deal would look like, no?

You are missing my point again - any loaner with a discount over 14% off and a reasonable mileage (or even one with 10K miles at 15% off) will be a better deal than any new V90 with the a-plan. So a-plan is NOT an alternative for OP who already got 18% off on a loaner.

Now, even on the new V90/S90 one can do better than a-plan if they can get 12% off (not easy and not given, but still an alternative to the a-plan, if one doesn’t have it).

Thanks everyone . Ill wait and watch for when volvo improves leasing discounts

I’m not seeing how you’re getting a payment of $508 (even without tax) with a selling price of $10K off MSRP. Can you plug it in the lease calculator and post the link?

  • how many months and miles/year was it?
  • what money factor and acquisition fee did they use?
  • what tax rate, tax, license, and documentation fee did they use?

I actually get $500/mo with 18.5% Chicago tax and $695 acq. fee included on 36/10 and $46,530 sale price before $3,750 allowance and $1,000 mileage penalty. I’m guessing on terms and some other things here, but looks possible with 18% off before incentives.

Let’s say I follow your argument on a loaner with 5,000 miles with an MSRP of $56,530, selling price 14% off before incentives, and go 36/10 with a 53% residual minus $1,000 for miles = 51.23% effective RV. I get $481/mo + tax.

Let’s say I take the same car, estimate the invoice at $53,708 using $500 advertising, and using A-Plan (if available) I get $512/mo + tax.

For $31/mo + tax, I’ll take the new car. Advantages:

  • zero miles, no damage to the car, no hard miles
  • pick and choose the car I want
  • 5,000 less miles on tires/brakes
  • no hassle pricing and the dealer does relatively great on the deal vs a blood-on-the-floor 14% discount. More likely to get the dealer to agree to the buy rate and a $695 acq fee if they’re coming out nicely on the selling price

All I’m saying is make sure you don’t qualify for A-Plan before you go the loaner route. Some small amount of money isn’t worth the hassle. Obviously getting a larger than 14% discount helps, but the final price could go either way at around $29/month/$1,000.

Your assumption of a 14% discount may be wrong, as can be mine of 18% off. He did not clarify when I asked whether it is before or after incentives. So, 18% is a good discount on a loaner, 14% - not so much. If it is 18% then it is a no-brainer to go with a loaner. If it is 14% - then yes, it is close enough to consider a new car with the a-plan and extra $3K.
I guess we finally agree on something :thinking:

Tried to hack ~$59K V90CC loaner yesterday :slight_smile:
It had higher MSRP and mileage than the OPs. The SM happened to remember me from the other dealership where I used to lease all my Volvos, but I didn’t know he was working at the dealership I went to. After some standard back and forth, he gave me $517/mo all in (incl. ~1,920 VA tax and all fees) with first month DAS. So, about 14.5% off before incentives. Considering $2,100 (3.5%) he got on the car after punching it, it is only 11% off on a loaner. He would give me the same 11-12% off on a new one.
So, looks like @celestone’s 18% off included incentives to get to $507/mo.

p.s. I asked for 25% off before incentives :smirk:

As someone who isn’t seasoned, is starting at 25% unreasonable on a demo, I don’t want to burn dealers with crazy offers…but I thought about starting at 30% :grin:

This was more of a test to find out how low Volvo dealers can go on loaners. Looks like probably 15-18% even on higher mileage ones, but I did not even try to get anything other than 25%. From what I was told, they usually keep loaners for 10k miles and depreciate them at about $400/mo before selling them.

How does this work? I am new to the forum. What happens if I want to pursue a deal found on this site.

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