Volvo V60 T5 Momentum Loaner Deal Check


I’m a first time leaser so still trying to figure everything out. It seems like 2020 V60’s are good deals right now. Below is what’s listed from the dealer and the calculator with my offer that I’ve put together based on research. Does that look good or am I missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated.

2020 Volvo V60CC T5 Loaner/Demo

MSRP: $48,100
Dealer Discount: $2,100
Dealer Allowance: $3,500 cash allowance
Im planning on making an offer of 20% off MSRP total for a selling price of $38,480.
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00018
Residual: 53%
Location: NYC
Volvo Lease cash is $3,750 according to their website.

Here is a link to the calculator.

Thanks in advance!!

So, you want to ask for 20% off AND $3,750 incentives? Good luck with that.
Incentives are taxed in NY, I think.


I don’t you’re going to hit you goal, but you might get close. There are a decent amount of V60 units that have already celebrated a birthday.

It costs zero to ask!

Also - RV in your calculator is 54% and 53% in the post, and you can only do 3 MSDs so the MF should be .00003.

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The V60 was initially order-only, and I was chasing them around the US for nearly 3 months at this time last year (I signed my XC60 7/31). The only birthday V60s are most likely white/white (some CC some not) that dealers got at the end of 2019 so they had a test drive car. At this point last year there were less than 100 v60s on the ground in the US (closer to 70 IIRC).

But those that didn’t sell are starting to have birthdays. The 20s didn’t start arriving until late September if I recall correctly, but I tracked less closely after I signed.

I’m glad I passed on that one and only 2019 V60 MOM for $720/mo before cross-country shipping.

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V60s demos started in April 2019 and not only white, so technically there might be 1 year olds. Doesn’t mean anyone will give them away at 20% though

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I’ve read on here that the sweet spot is 12%-15%. Does that seem more realistic?

I’m not sure what a realistic expectation should be since this will be my first car that I’m leasing.

You should try for 16% on a loaner and see what happens, but it’s not 2019 and discounts are lower in general now.


I was under the impression that 2019’s aren’t leasing anymore, though I’ve seen a few listed online. I could try for those.

2019s are not leaseable. I wish they were :confused:

I meant year 2019. This is what it should look like at 16% based on your RV/MF

Anecdotally: I tried to order a V60 in April and ordering had closed, so those demos all came at the tail-end of 2019 V60 production.

Every single one I saw was white/birch or white/citiweave EXCEPT a v60 RDesign here that was a factory order/mistake (ordered black built blue) and a couple dealers were able to build an allocation in April as ordering closed and built something non-white. I didn’t talk to every dealer, but at least 15 of them (and a few birdies).


:100: true

My dealer got a couple ordered and couple of demos in April - May. And yeah, I think one was birch. Remember - I wanted one, too :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Ursus Thanks for taking the time to look and sending over that calculator. That’s really helpful!

Would that be considered a good lease deal?

Have August incentives been announced yet? Too bad the Costco cash ended in June, that was great for these V60 leases. I also doubt you’d get 20% off.

Why would I bother giving you calculator to a bad deal? :grin:


I do. My pal Denise at customer care confirmed ordering was closed May 6th after I tried dealers for a month to place an order (3/19 was my first email from Volvo ordering was even open).

I guess we should be grateful for what we have, even without AWD/T6 and only building a tiny number of T8s that sold out from under us.

@Ursus :clap: :joy:

Is there a general rule of thumb on what kind of discount you can expect to get or is it totally dependent on the make and model of the car?

I PM’d you the dealer I got mine at, I don’t do business with them. They have one more demo on the lot.

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I don’t like rules of thumb. What was reasonable last year may not be reasonable now. Some models have higher discounts than others and then it can be the other way. Hire a broker, there are a few serving NY.

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