Volvo V60 R-Design - Can't get numbers to match

Working with a dealer in GA and this is what I got from them:

MSRP- $53,845
Window Tint-$395
Adjust price- $54,240
Dealer discount- <-$7,847>
Volvo Lease bonus-<-$3,750>
Loyalty- <-$500>
Total- $42,143
Volvo’s acquisition fee- $995
Dealer fee- $699
Tag and title-$44
GA lemon law-$3
Subtotal before tax- $43,884
We are not able to apply the educator/ first responder savings to demos.
Payment with tax. MF .00042, residual-55%
36 months, first payment- $542
36 months, $1500- $496
36 months, $3,000- $449

These are the numbers I am coming up with:

I see that MF is marked up from 0.00002 to 0.00042 and I’ve adjusted that in the calculator. What am I missing? Edmunds confirms incentives/rebates, MF of 0.00002 and RV of 55%.


Tint is not residualized and can’t be added to the MSRP. You are also missing the adjustment for the demo mileage.

Did you price a new one? May be within a few $$ with the extra rebates.

Thanks! Salesperson said demo mileage was too low for there to be a hit on the RV. I adjusted the calculator and removed the tint.

Did you price a new one? May be within a few $$ with the extra rebates.

A similarly equipped new one had an 8% discount and the numbers came in higher. This particular demo is pretty close to how I would build one from scratch.

If there is no really mileage hit then yeah.

How many miles on this demo? Did the salesman indicate the demo mile cut-off used to hit a lessee with a RV penalty?

He just got back to me and said that there is a demo hit from 55% to 53.75%.

It was nice while it lasted. How many demo miles?

3k demo miles.

3,366 miles then, to be exact