Volvo TrueCar incentive, dealer or Factory?

Have a negotiated, deal for a Volvo XC60 Inscription. Purchase is not complete, though I do have a deposit down. Going to sign tomorrow and take delivery.

I had registered throughTrueCar, so I was signed up for their emails, but never mentioned TrueCar in my negotiations, and frankly beat the TrueCar price by over $3k.

Yesterday received an offer from TrueCar (attached) for “Up to $1,000 off” a Volvo. For the XC60 it’s $500 . Offer has a special code on it, so its for one-use-only, sent to me.

Dealer is balking at honoring the additional $500 discount off our negotiated price.Dealer IS a TrueCar dealer.

Should they havre to honor the additional $500 off?

Is the incentive from Volvo, or is that going to come out of the dealer’s pocket, since they’re a TrueCar participating dealer?

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