MSRP 69190
Sales price $53826

24 months @ 12k per year

61% residual
.00032 money factor
.00002 money factor after MSDs

$1792.75 Drive-Offs plus $3600 MSDs

$502.09 plus tax (7.75%)

Do you have A plan/Sam’s club (and if so was that included)?

Yes, it includes A-plan and other rebates except I don’t qualify for any loyalty.

Which region are you in? If west coast you should have 10,250 in incentives (5750+1500+3000), if in NE it would be 500 less, if in South it would be 8250. That puts your dealer discount at either 7 or 8% unless you are in south and then its 10%. 10% should be the target discount of msrp for a very good deal.

I’m on the west region.

Here is a calculator with your numbers, but I’m showing 50 more per month. Another 1800 discount (which gets you to 10% off) and you can drop your monthly by $75.

The force is strong with this one - but do you really need a 70k Volvo? A sedan?

You’re right, I was surprised by the sticker on this vehicle, even with all the cool features.

Hmm, I wonder what I’m missing.

For 70k, it better come with a complimentary Swedish masseuse and a Chinese cook for duration of the lease :slight_smile:

I’d switch the cook and masseuse.

You need to shoot for 10% off before any incentives. It’s doable - I’ve done it.
Also, get a 65k Inscription, unless you want all the extra bells and whistles (which IMO are not worth the extra 4k)

For the price as configured, shoot for 62k before incentives. Once you factor in the $7250 in rebates and 3k in a-plan savings (taxed), you should be getting the car for $1200 drive off and $475 a month (tax included).

If you get a 65k inscription, you can get that price down to $1150 down and $432 a month tax included.

Good luck!

Thank you. I’m shooting for 10-12% off before incentives. I’m now thinking about the T8 Hybrid.

I signed a deal on a 2018 volvo inscription yesterday.
MSRP $67140
Selling price $49100 after all incentives and dealer discount
They gave me almost 12% off MSRP as dealer discount
incentives were $10250 inculding Sams and loyalty.
Residual $39612 for 24 months 15K miles
Money factor 0.00002 with 6 MSDs for $500
Monthly payment of $475 for 24 months
Upfront $475 + $3000 for msds.
Total lease cost 11400 for 24 months

Good deal?

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I’m looking at almost the same msrp car in Socal. The best I can do is 9% off MSRP before incentives but the dealer wants to bump the MF to .00075. Any tips on getting it to 10% and/or getting them to not to increase the base rate of .00032? Can’t seem to get them to budge.

Also, anyone know if you need to be a sam’s member for a certain period to qualify to get the A-plan pin? I just joined but getting an error when trying to generate pin.

@J_Topete, are you in Socal? Maybe we can get a deal by neogitating together, lol. Im looking to pull the trigger by the end of the month.

@smk505 Amazing deal… where are you located?

I am in ohio near cleveland.
The dealer screwed up. The selling price was 50730 but They gave me wrong numbers at beginning as they put the MSDs as down payment. The price was very low and I jumped on it with a deposit. They quoted me $446 for 30 months. When they sent the numbers to volvo it got denied because the MSDs should not be used as down payment so they quoted me $530 after they got the number correct. I acted upset about running my credit score without getting correct quotes. To fix their screw up they had to cut down on the selling price another $1500 making it $475

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lol, way to play their screwup in your favor. Congrats on that awesome deal!

Nice deal for 24/15.

I believe other people on here had same issue with Sam’s club error, called Truecar (Sam’s auto partner) and they manually issued Aplan pin.

Not the case anymore, their answer now is “30 days membership required”