Volvo S90 lease in Boston, MA - Looking for help

Went to the dealer last night and had an incredibly frustrating time with a clearly junior salesman.

I know that most of the deals posted here are from states with higher residual values / different incentives but I still feel as though I was being quoted a horrible price with 0 flexibility.

Dealer quoted a $60,950 MSRP T6 Momentum at $5200 down (!!) and $540 a month. I continually said that I would not negotiate on monthly price but on the discount from MSRP and they refused to provide any of the numbers they were using to get to their sale price. The salesman didn’t know what residual value was or what MF they were using (or even what that was). It felt as though he would have to walk down the hall to ask his manager for how many tires were on the car, very unprofessional.

Can anyone help me with some baseline numbers that I should be looking for here in MA? I’m not totally committed to the S90 but thought that there may be some good deals on 2018s that have been sitting around for a while especially with the '19s coming soon.

I’m also a current Volvo lessee with my 2015 S60 T6 lease coming to and end in November if that matters.

Thank you for any help.

Email dealers (internet sales managers) in the area and start the ball rolling, going into dealerships are most always going to frustrate people. I’ve had good communications with Lovering in Nashua when I started looking for a s90.

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agree with @macdonaldj2…start emailing. let them know you’ve already test drove the S90 (so no need to come in), have narrowed down inventory to a geographic location and now focused on numbers. You’re a current Volvo leasee, would like to stay in the Volvo family so looking for their most aggressive pricing. Ask that they incl what MF, RV and breakdown of incentives they are applying to deal. Let them work the numbers and then post here for advice. looking on, from the center of Boston there looks to be 71 '18 S90 units in a 100 mile radius.

Just wait for November numbers and go from there. You won’t close the deal today, anyway.

Here is what they are quoting me now, doesn’t seem worth it at all.

ask for prices without incentives, find out the incentives for your region along with MF, I wouldn’t put anything down instead if you can use that money down as MSDs.

With 10 MSDs + 1st month payment they are quoting $6k drive-off and $583/month.

Too bad we can’t transfer leases. Wife and I want to get into XC90 but are leading s90 inscription for $435 a month ($0 down at signing). Have to wait it out :weary::weary::weary:

@pjstock42 - the deck got reshuffled today, so yesterday’s deals are useless unless nothing changed. You need to know what the incentives, MF, and RV are for the car(s) you want. Then, as mentioned above, you need to see who’s giving you the best discount and MF (dealers mark them up).

You can still go to > Build & Price > select your model of interest > summary > payment estimator, then look at the lease incentives. Select any miles so you can fan out and see if there are better incentives within a radius you’re willing to travel within. Out west the T5 has $3,500 and the T5 has $5,250, but that could be different in your neck of the woods.

If you qualify for A-Plan, it’ll be much easier to go with their hassle free pricing and it’s super hard to beat, too. If you qualify, all you’ll need to negotiate is the acquisition fee (cost is $695 and an easy ask) and the MF (buy rate is an easy ask). Who you or anyone in your household works for can qualify you.