Volvo S90 Lease Help

I was able to get a quote today on Volvo T5 S90 AWD. Using current incentives with the Costco plan. They would not do the Costco plan unless it was on invoice.

MSRP roughly $54000
Selling Price Invoice
Incentives $10000
MF got down to .00001 after
MSDs of $3500
Out of Pocket in NY state taxes, fees, etc, no down payment = $3000 (deal is in NJ tho).
$349 a month for 36 months

This was with no negotiation or counter offer. This was there initial first offer. Where should I go from here since they said they can’t go lower than invoice. The salesperson did mention that I could counter when ready to purchase and hinted at maybe $299. My target price is around $279 or maybe even better. 24 month leasing was terrible rates. How do I hack this deal and what should a realistic & achievable target price be?

There are many threads about the S90 already with the info you are looking for.

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You can’t hack the deal unless you go below invoice with 10% off msrp. You need to find a different dealer if you want to “hack” it.

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Another 4% off (10% total) gets you to around $290/mo and lower total MSDs.

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Right now there are higher incentives on T6 than T5 (at least in the SouthEast)
T5: 2,000 + 2,500 T5 Incentives
T6: 3,750 + 2,500 T6 Incentives

10% off MSRP or Invoice?

10% off MSRP is a target

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Yes, a lower equipped T6 typically leased better than a better equipped T5. The trouble was finding one that the dealer was willing to go to 10% off MSRP.