Volvo S90 2017 Price

What should be my target selling price before rebates/incentives on 2017 Volvo S90 T6 Inscription MSRP roughly $66,000? Is 20% off MSRP too little or too much?

I don’t think 2017 lease anymore

You haven’t been able to lease a 2017 for many months now

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Is there no chance to lease a 2017 at all? I saw a few at dealers near me and would really love to lease one.

Unfortunately there is no way to lease one and have a good payment. Lease support ended months ago

Your second sentence overrides the first :slightly_smiling_face:There is no way to lease 2017, period. For good payment or bad.

There must be some third party bank that will lease it for $1000 a month or more. There just must be :joy::joy::joy:

If you put it this way…:grin:

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