Volvo S60/V60 Good Deal?

MSRP on both is 40k-41k. Does not include local sales tax of 10%, but does include TTL + doc fees. This is what I’ve been offered with $995 due at signing:

S60 residual is for 10k is 61% and for 12k miles is $310 a month and
59% residual and the 15k miles is $345 a month with a 58% residual the

V60 for 10k miles is $299 with a 65% residual and the 12k miles is $325 a
month with a 64% residual and the 15k mi

Money factor on all is .00001

Are these good deals? Should I pull the trigger? V60 or S60?

Sounds like a great deal, especially the V60.

I’d go for the V60 since I find wagons cooler than sedans.


Hello, It sounds like a good deal. Where did you get this ( State ) .

I see this offer in Bay Area.

Lease for $289 mo. 36 mos.
$3,469 cash due at signing

I am in SoCal (LA County, dealer is in neighboring county.)

I have a feeling these residuals are for 24 months. S60 residual is 54% for 36/10 (53% for Inscription), at least on the East Coast.

They are 24 month. 36 month I was quoted at $8 less a month and 53% (on V60) 10k miles.