Volvo s60 t6 awd with trade

Hey guys. This is an offer from a local socal volvo dealer. I am looking into trading in a 2019 charger hellcat for a completly loaded s60 t6 awd with polestar and sport chassis. Let me know what you guys think of the swap in the first place and how you think this deal looks likes.

No. Just why? You have a brand new HELL CAT, you want to trade that for an 325 hp i4. Are you crazy? You’re under by 4k, not the worst but it will make any deal worse. Discount is 10ish%, pretty bad, we’ve seen as high as 29% on loaners S60 t5s non polestar, but that was a unicorn and a different beast.


Lol. Good one

Can’t see it

Spoiler alert, it looks terrible, more terrible than the image @Bostoncarconcierge put in my head from urban dictionary :face_vomiting:.

I wouldn’t trade the Hellcat for the Volvo and look at my username!


Thanks for the feedback. I have had 2 previous volvos prior to the hellcat a long with a bunch of other radom cars.
I have always had a soft spot for volvos. The hellcat is crazy fast and fun, however I am craving a bit more build quality and technology from a euro style sedan.
I know the performance of the volvo is no where near the hellcat, but I would not mind trading some performance for build quality. Idk.

What incentives do you qualify for on this? What MF is the dealer charging? What did you get for RV/MF/incentives from Edmunds? That price seems really high, even with that discount amount. Suggests incentives rolled into the discount and a marked up MF

The car is fully loaded so it has msrp on the sticker is $60,080 looks like they are doing 7k off which includes costoco and an additional 1500 for first responder. This is the first quote I get from them. Of course I’m gonna try and work it down more.

Unless it’s regional, there is no costco on the S60

There are other incentives than just Costco and first responder that you need to pull out

Awesome like what? I know costco and first responder is only labour 3 of those 7k off. What should be a target discount price?

Most volvos has some amount of lease cash/Volvo allowance. When you verified RV/MF/incentives with Edmunds, they should have provided that amount

Looks like MF is. 00075 and residual 55%

and the incentives?

did you post on edmunds asking for your zip code?

You didn’t specify trim, but I think you can only get the sport chassis on the r-design, which in socal has $4500 in lease cash in addition to the other incentives

Yes this one has pretty much every option including sport chassis.

None nationwide.

Are you saying there are none with sport suspension nationwide?

No. He’s saying that Costco doesn’t apply to s60s anywhere in the nation.

I’m missing something, are they rolling negative equity into this deal? You mention “with trade” in the title but I don’t see it in the quote.