Volvo S60 T5 Premier

Hi i am being offered a T5 Premier awd 24 months 0 down no payment first month 7% taxes MF.00001 msrp $41,475 selling price $30,350 residual 55% he says $425 does this add up it does not by me? any advice would be appreciated

S60 cross country 280 a month 12k miles. It was 230 with 10k

first thank for replying wow i am jealous :-). HGow can i replicate it seems like i am pretty far away

First get the facts from lease hackr calculator then Negotiate negotiate negotiate

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what was the MSRP on this vehicle? also what is the residual? is this the premier AWD? thanks

48k msrp. Cross country awd all options.

wow question! feel free to say no can i see the page with all the car information? so that i can use it as a bargaining chip?

@Pips_Pippen Just an advice: do not try to replicate the exact deal, especially using someone else’s deal as “bargaining chip”. You may just alienate dealers by being completely unreasonable. There could be many reasons why @vhooloo got this deal and no one else will be able to replicate it: dealer wanted to move that particular car, it was sitting in the lot for a year, unpopular colors/options, etc. Negotiate hard, you have all the numbers and you will get a good deal on your own.

thanks great advice i will give it my best.

thanks vooloo greatly appreciated i will keep you updated

Wow, so vooloo got a 31% off MSRP if we were to believe MSRP is at $48k+. For a current model Volvo, I will call this deal of the year, bar none. He probably knows the dealer as a personal friend. OP should not expect to replicate this deal.

Nope. I don’t know the dealer from Adam. But he is a nice guy. Scott Hunter from Norwood. They did not even charge me an acquisition fee

The 289 for Mercedes Bluetec posted on lease hacker front page is a deal of century too. One person also posted $89 for a BMW i3 rex, I would say the volvo S60cc deal is close to those but for these prices, I would definitely take one i3, one bluetec E350 and one S60cc.

The only thing that’s missing is photo of the window sticker showing $48K MSRP :slight_smile:

Reading OP’s original post, it seems he is also getting 26% off MSRP(MSRP:$41k $30K offered) right off the bat. So maybe Volvo is just dumping these S60 for some reason. I think OP should be able to get to 31% off MSRP as well.

My bad. It is not 48k

omg people! what now? A pic of me driving the car? Copy of bank statement?

Close enough. Volvo is giving away Premium Package for free and has a $4800 lease credit. I will say Volvo is the brand to lease now. These are highly subsidized leases and Volvo is pushing for market share.

$47.3K or $48 - doesn’t make huge difference, about $20/mo