Volvo S60 T5 MOM $267/mo in Boston

Hello all,

I need you inputs on how I can better this deal!

$267/mo with $2k due at signing.

Tbh I really want something with adaptive cruise what should I shoot for something that has that?

Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal!

Would make sense

May want to blank some info

Super easy to identify where this car is

Removed some info! But what do you think of the deal? It’s a loaner

So find an s60 with the advanced package?

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If you end up getting this, let me know what dealership as if they can do the same deal for me I’ll bite. Great deal!

Good deal! Around much did they discount for being a demo? I’m looking for a brand new one, trying to figure out lowest deal I could get

With a deal like that you are worried about adaptive cruise control???

If you’re spending a lot of time in heavy traffic adaptive cruise control is a life-changing piece of tech.

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Did you ask the salesperson if he/she has one with adaptive cruise? Fantastic deal on the one posted, as others said.

Hi all,

Sorry for being MIA but I did not end up signing that deal as someone bought it 10 mins before I came in and literally watched them sign it which was a bummer.

Good news is that I had another local dealer play ball and was willing to give me a S60 T5 with a $42,xxx sticker for only $260/mo and $2000 due at signing!

Will post more details tomorrow as that is when I will sign for it.

Congrats, Willing to bet somebody from here scooped up that deal. Be careful with how you present deals in the future.

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that’s what probably happened lol. atleast i was able to find another one with a higher sticker for the same price!

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