Volvo S60 lease special

Was contacted by the local Volvo dealer for a lease loaner special s60 T6 momentum MSRP $44,740.

$2,000 loyalty
$3,000 loaner discount
$3164 dealer discount

Sale price: $36,576. I haven’t went or got any details, but is this worth my time?

I do work for a company to get A plan pricing. They currently have additional $1500 A plan elite. Should I forget about that and work with getting money off without a plan?

Loaners are not eligible for a-plan.

What dealer? I would take that!! I been shopping for a t6 and the best I’ve been able to see is a bare t6 for 38k or 35k on a fully loaded demo t5.

Just got an offer on an s60 T6 R design loaner 475 a month. Nothing else due out of pocket. MSRP 525XX.


Thoughts? Heading to dealership now to look over papers.

Where are you located?

im located in ma

What’s the MF and RV?

Final offer on S60 T6 R-design. 36/12K lease

Mass dealer

MSRP: 52560
Sale price: 41423
(includes 2K loyalty and loaner rebate (which was 2500 less $600 for miles adjustment, car has 3K on it)
Total discount 20%
Acquisition, doc, etc rolled into the lease (1550)
Adjusted cap cost 43530
RV 58% - MF - .001 (I know they marked it up. They refused to move back to .00081. Said they would add it back into sale price if I wasnt comfortable).
Payment 463 a month including Mass tax of 6.25%

Let me know your thoughts. Also wasnt sure about the $600 mileage adjustment for the loander. I would have thought they would have had to eat that but 2 dealerships have told me different

They can’t “eat” mileage penalty

Where are you finding these S60 loaners? I cannot find them.

On dealers’ sites.


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Got it. When I contact them, they tell me it’s “not available”…basically saying it is not ready.

Too early for S60 loaners, though there are some ready. Just ask Daniel lol

I will talk with them next month probably, see what options they have.

Yeah, good luck with that :smile:

The black S60T6 Demo is available now to lease.
7500 per year
$0 down

Thoughts on my deal overall?

13.57% off before $2K loyalty + $2K Volvo allowance is not great on a loaner.

theres a 2k volvo allowance?

There was on T6

What car are you getting?