Volvo s60 inscription

Just want to ask if this is a good deal.

MSRP 42275
Gross Cap Cost 30903
Residual 22644
Base Monthly 305.56
tax 24.44
Total Monthly 330
24 months/10k
0 Drive off
Total cost= 330*23+350=7590

It’s a good deal.
I shopped all over for one and only got 1 quote that was slightly better.
Today I was quoted $463/mo all in

I got quoted for a loaner inscription S60 Platinum with 7000 miles
MSRP 46900
Gross Cap cost 29300
MF 0.00001
24 months/10K
tax 8%
Base Monthly is 300 with tax and 0 drive off
I dont know whats the residual
Is this a good deal for a fully loaded loaner car?

Yes! That already looks like an excellent price.

That’s the kinda deal I’ve been looking for!
Let me know if you don’t want it :slight_smile: