Volvo S60 deals in NorCal

Looking for a Volvo S60 lease @ NorCal, and here’s the best number we’ve got, thus far:-

S60 T6 R design with Adv Package
1600 DAS and 399/month, including tax.

A-plan and costco member.

Is this a good deal? Looking for hacker inputs…!

Edit: This is an R-design and not Inscription.

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If those numbers are using a plan, you’re limiting yourself a lot of getting a good deal.

You really need more info to properly analyze the deal.

Is this a 2019 or 2020?

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There is $2,000 a-plan cash on 2020, so it will bring you to 10% off negotiation free on a $50K car.


Well that certainly does help

There might be an asterisks though. I think a-plan shows my local incentives, but I guess a-plan bonus might be national.

2020 incentives in the PNW are awful.

a-plan shows $2,000 allowance, but this is definitely local to me.

Here’s the other detail

MSRP - 51.8K
Sale price - 41.9
Term - 36m
Residual - 53%
Mileage - 10K

@mllcb42 - What would be a reasonably good number that we can look at?

Thanks Bear. Is that only with 2020 models? I think we’re close to 19% off with the number I just posted. Thoughts ?

This was a 2019. It’s difficult to T6 R design in stock. every dealer has a 1-2 around here.

$1,500 on 2019, so you are at almost 9% before incentives. I’d forget about a-plan and tried for 12% off + incentives.


Compare pre-incentive numbers, not post.

@Ursus has the right idea

It’s either R or Inscription

In any case - numbers don’t make sense on a-plan. With this sales price you are at 13% off before $3,250 incentives. Is it a loaner? No a-plan on loaners.

Aim higher on a 2019.

I was able to get a friend 10% before incentives on a 2020 T6 inscription. Was a crummy lease because of the rates and the incentives, but was doable.

Looks like he’s getting very strong discount (if the car is new) and there is no a-plan involved there.

I stand corrected; it’s an R design. The dealer also bundled in the first month waiver along with this.

I just reread. Missed that additional detail. Agree 13% before incentives is strong if new.

You numbers don’t work. I get $433/mo with no tax and no fees rolled in.
Edit: looks like a demo with low mileage at 16% off.
Edit 2: never mind, I used 2020 incentives :slight_smile:
$4,850 on 2019, so around 9% off including $400 first month as CCR. But then the $399 monthly still doesn’t work.

Can I chime in here. Also looking into an S60, Tri state area and a Loaner. Its been on the lot quite a few months. Told the Dealer price they offered was too high. They Emailed me a few days later to check in and what am I aiming for. My Question is whats a reasonable amount % off MSRP to ask for Pre Incentive?