Volvo recall 2019 and up

Nothing yet on Volvo recall check site.

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The good news is it’s just software. But I expect their shutdown to affect getting the fix packaged into a TSB and sent to dealers?

Good reason to get my brakes checked, still haven’t done that.

Can’t decide whether to schedule service now or later. May not be able to do it in a week at all.

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I’d like to think service stays open

It’d be nice to give them some business during this time

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Warranty work pays the bills

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Yeah. It’s just technically not due for another 3 weeks.

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Maybe they’ll offer you “pull ahead”

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On service? Only with $2k loyalty :grin:

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Being facetious

Maybe they’ll be flexible now help w cash flow

I don’t think they will be splitting hairs over 3 weeks early.

Don’t you drive almost no miles a year?

I got an email from White Plains, where I service mine, and they’re staying open, despite NY being on lockdown.

Not about doing it early, they would do it even 6 months early. Don’t know if they even be open in a week or two.
@AP919 - yeah, my service is one year anniversary :grin:

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I wish they let you do loyalty on pull-ahead.

Maybe they do now, but wasn’t offered in February.

They do now. Check out brokers’ threads.

That’s very unfortunate. I guess there was no way to plan for them to change the program.

Well, hopefully I can beat my current deal in a couple of years!

Oh great, hope Lehman Service is still open :confused:

If only there was some way to do software updates OTA… :thinking:

Right. To rotate tires or do alignment, for example

Thanks Mr Musk!