Volvo - Numbers don't add up

Looking to get an T6 XC90 for 12/36. retail price of 76,200 and selling price of 65,000. Numbers are not adding up. Calc shows payment of $663, dealer says payment of $830. what am i missing?

Something is off. MSDs should be 7k based on $663 payment. Ask the dealer for breakdown.

Agreed. I thought that was off based on another post where user got a similarly priced car for about $620 a month with 7k MSD. Asking now.

I’m guessing that you’re looking at one of the dealer’s websites that shows a selling price of $65k after a bunch of incentives that you don’t qualify for.

What is the pre-incentive selling price? What incentives do you qualify for?

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Sorry for the late reply guys. crazy weekend…

70k is pre-incentive price. $500 loyalty and it appears as though $5000 in other incentives. bringing price approximately down to 65k. MF is .00149, MSD’s are $8500 with 58% residual and drive off of $1700 incl rebate.

That’s a terrible deal. Move on to a different dealer.

Thanks Jon.