Volvo new lease, how do I confirm Volvo is making the first 2 payments? - Region Specific (Lower Loyalty Rebate)

Heading to dealer now I want to make sure I am protected.

Where did you find this info?

Contract should state when first is due.

I don’t think this is accurate information about Volvo making the first two lease payments.

Where did you see this?

You need to wear a face mask.

No not to protect you against the virus (that will help) but against the manure (BS) the dealer will hurl at you.


Click offers. I am in the dealership now with face mask. It may be regional. Loyalty is only $1K here in TX.

I am actually at a different dealer. They also say 2 payments. So 2 data points.

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I wonder if that’s in lieu of the $2K in loyalty elsewhere

That’s interesting. At my dealership, we are sending a rebate check back to the customer, so that it actually takes care of two or three monthly payments

It is regional. NJ dealers have 2 payments on them/Volvo just for USED s60s ( not loaners) Up to $450/m

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I had to sign a document. Volvo pays the first payment and credits the second one.

Southern Region.

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Received an email from a FL dealer as well. First 2 payments being credited and 9 months pull ahead.

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The virus deals are coming in fast and furious.

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I remember doing waived first 3 payments as CCR in 2012.

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And you walked uphill both ways to school too?


Mostly downhill and both ways.


To be young and foolish again! Don’t you know ccr is a no-no? Should have rolled everything in and made them eat the first three payments.