Volvo Lease support

Does anyone know when lease support on 2020 Volvo’s will end? Thanks in advance.

Could be Feb, could be March

It ends on Monday night.

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I bet @aronchi a chopped liver sandwich from Irving’s deli in Livingston it goes beyond tomorrow

So, you are basically saying that no one knows, right? :smirk:

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I’ll take that bet, but I want pastrami, I like my liver as a pâté.

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chopped liver is sooo gross. and i’m an immigrant in this country, so i do eat organ meat.

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Intestine is criminally underrated.

Thanks for everyone’s “help” :joy:. The dealership by me has one 2020 loaner s90 left that I am eyeing. I still have till the end of April in my current lease that is prepaid so it’ll take a unicorn deal for me to take on 2-3 extra payments.

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Gross and super gross

Oh and as a Jew, I can tell you that while the concept of chopped liver is gross, it tastes amazing. :wink:


@sharksfan15 will back me up on this one, you’ve never lived till you’ve had 蚵仔面线 with large intestine from a hole in the wall with copious amounts of black vinegar.

Mike and I were chatting about it and are getting different senses from the owners of our shops

So I made it a friendly and relatively inexpensive wager.

@Ursus - no one really knows 100% until tomorrow

Maybe, but I’ve had the middle eastern version of intestine called “pacha” and it smells as bas as it tastes.

For the Volvo lease, I thought they have a good pull ahead program (9 months?) so if the deal is there now I say take it.

Never has a truer statement been said! Looks terrible - but that taste. Mmmmm

They do but current ride is a BMW that I did 2 years ago during the X2 frenzy. :-1: It was a hell of a deal on a car that just flat out sucks.

How did Volvo Lease Support turned in to chopped liver and intestine?

@HersheySweet my favorite is deep fried intestine, we used to get that after playing Mah Jong in Chinatown back in college. My kids are surprised that we used to eat liver and onions in school cafeterias.



Hershey derailed per usual

But I made a bet that support extends beyond tomorrow

The winner of that bet gets a sandwich at Irving’s deli in Livingston NJ

Behind the scenes we upped the stakes so it also includes pickled green tomatoes

So I was on the rail here and added something to make it more interesting


That’s what I said, but not literally :slightly_smiling_face:


Tripe Soup is delicious