Volvo Lease Buy Out in PA / MSDs

Hackrs, tried searching the forum without luck on this scenario. I am in PA with an early Covid era 2020 V60 CC lease where I stacked loyalty, first responder and MSDs to get a phenomenal deal ($309 DAS and $309 a month including tax)

I have about $8000 of equity in the car, so thought I should take advantage of the situation. For anyone who has gone through the process of doing a buy out in Pennsylvania a couple of questions I wasnt able to get confident answers from Volvo Financial Services on:

  1. I paid $1750 in MSDs at the start of the lease. Does the lease buyout pay off quote on Volvo’s website reflect the MSDs being applied to the pay off or do they get refunded back to me separately?
  2. Does the lease buyout pay off quote include sales tax on the residual amount?
  3. If not, is it possible to not register the car and sell it to a third party before paying the PA sales tax?


Send me your vin, i’ll get your your payoff. the answer to 3 is no.

No, it does not include MSDs.

Not sure about Volvo but Infiniti said I had to bring my car to a dealership to buy it out. When I went they gave me a quote and it was lower than my online pay off doc. The reason was that MSDs were being applied to the buyout price but the dealer did not state that initially. Just make sure to review before signing if you choose to buy out.

Not for Volvo from my experience.

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Nissan/Infiniti requires this everywhere. Other brands usually only require this in a few states, based on local regulations.

Having done research on this topic over the last few days, it seems possible to have CarMax buy the car, given the paperwork is crafty.

I’ve seen that people have had to call VCFS with CarMax on the line for VCFS to process the transaction. These anecdotes seem to be from July or before, I haven’t found anything newer.

I would benefit from turning in this car and would probably walk off with about $3k in hand if I went to CarVana… so if anyone has any tips/details, I’m all ears.

There’s absolutely nothing that can be done here other than you buying the car and selling it. Not even a volvo dealer can buy it, unless you get another car from them. You’re going to be spinning your wheels with Carmax before they tell you they cannot buy the car.

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Is this a new policy set by VCFS or demand by dealerships?

created by VCFS months ago.


Not sure if this is your dealer’s policy but both of my local dealers are okay with buying the Volvo from me without having to buy it myself first and then selling it to them.

Unless they’re titling in your name, nope

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