Volvo lease 2 months free?

Hi all,
Can any Volvo gurus please verify if this is true?
“ Volvo Car Financial Services will go a low as 0% APR on a five-year loan or cover two complimentary lease payments on a new XC90, XC60, XC40 or S60. Volvo is also onboard with online buying with home deliveries and test-drives. Shopping can be done via Volvo’s virtual showroom.”

I was looking at an XC40 - leased a BMW X1 instead. Both Volvo and BMW are offering two month’s lease payments waived. Volvo, at least in Virginia, has been very aggressive. Their money factor is still higher than BMW. In almost all cases, the BMW will lease for a lower monthly payment.

So I just leased a new volvo xc60, last week, who do I contact about this? the dealership never mentioned this.

Have you checked Volvo’s website? I’m sure they are advertising this on their website if there is such a promotion.

The equal to $43k XC40 value X1 is like $47k. You get much more in a Volvo at the same sticker


Maybe the article is referring to 2 payments on a CPO?

Can anybody else confirm?

Can I ask where in VA you are? I’m shopping around now in Nova and that hasn’t been my experience.

Nova. The dealer in Sterling. The Sales Manager is very aggressive. You have to work on him. Make him an offer.

Sterling is the worst. Never deal. Share your deal so we can appreciate it

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It depends on the region you are in. Some regions have that offer. Others have first responder Discounts or other incentives instead