Volvo is now fitting ALL new cars with speed limiters

Germany sales dead.

I’m firmly in the camp that speed alone doesn’t kill. Sudden decelerations however are tricky.


Don’t be surprised if it’s world wide. It would be cheaper for them to do it for all cars vs just not for the USA. That’s exactly how the US ended up with DRLs. Why make cars for Canada with them and cars for the US without them when we can save a few bucks and just do it on all of them.

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This Volvo Speed-limiter shouldn’t be an issue. Most Volvos I see are doing about 35-40 in a 65 MPH zone. If they get up to 50 or so the driver gets all flushed.

At 112 MPH a Volvo driver would be having an out-of-body experience.

But you never know… There is always that one guy in a Volvo…

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that’s not for you… his sarcasm was pointed at raising the speed limits.

Most people probably can’t handle 100 mph but that doesn’t mean these cars aren’t capable of handling it. You don’t blame the gun when a cop shoots an unarmed person and you certainly don’t blame the scalpel when a surgeon nicks an artery and causes unforeseeable implications, it’s just a tool used by people, the blame lands on the operator.

Jeremy clarkson :see_no_evil:

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I can’t even imagine accelerating a Volvo to that speed, its so boring :smirk:

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That being said I wouldn’t be surprised if Volvo just secured a major contract for S or T rated tires following this. Savings in the guise of safety makes for a feel good headline.

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Source, please.


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Sounds about right, for cars nowadays tires are usually the limiting reagent.

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wikipedia, it never lies.

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This entire thread derailed. Clearly a lot of bored mofos.

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I did 126mph once in my Volvo, 0/10 will not do again.
I assume most folks on the east coast wouldn’t really mind especially VA? People in other less populated flat states probably drive pretty close to 112mph on open highway. But honestly I haven’t seen a Volvo done that. I guess the target audience doesn’t care at all…

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This impacts probably less than 1% volvo drivers and likely all drivers in the US.

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It’s just software. Doesn’t at least one hypercar have gps software governors (unlocked at the tracks only)?

Even with Polestar my XC60 has barely broken triple digits. I’m not planning a highspeed chase so 112 is fine with me in the US.

Come drive mine sometime. It’s like my erstwhile WRX has double dad-bod :mechanical_arm: :sweden:

Which model? I’m imagining a sideways tardis with drum brakes hurtling down a dark road.

And if you don’t like it, no doubt VXDIAG has a bit you can flip.