Volvo is now fitting ALL new cars with speed limiters

Not that it really matters, but still

I don’t know why you’d get a Volvo. Hellcat is way quicker to 60.


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This just in…In the wake of speed limiters Dodge has announced the Hellcat Quantum 2000 hp and can actually travel time its so fast.


“It said speeding is one of the most prominent reasons for road accidents”

I would say idiots are the most prominent reasons for accidents, accidents are not accidents but rather most of the time they are inattentiveness or stupidity. Typical solution to the problem treat the symptoms not the cause just like big pharma, why not install cameras that can detect if people are texting and then alert/ take over?

Because we still have tiny shreds of freedom left?


but a speed limiter isn’t? Btw Germans have been doing this for a while at 155 mph.

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Does this apply to cars they manufacturer in America as well? Seems like it does.

20 year old me would be horrified of this. Now I think it’s probably a good idea. The marginal loss of personal freedom is probably less significant than the value of safer roads for me to drive on. Of course, when a lunatic is driving 40 miles over the limit on a crowded highway veering madly to avoid traffic they aren’t usually driving a Volvo. You don’t buy a Volvo to drive 115MPH.

Edit - Caveat Id be unhappy to be limited to 112MPH on Autobahn.

A speed limiter installed in the ECU < > cameras in the car watching me. Not even close, man.

This is a FoxNews style false equivalency.


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That is a UK article. Is that UK only?

I expect if it was worldwide or USA we would have heard more about it.

yet bmw has cameras in their newer cars equipped with fully autonomous driving inside the digital cluster and so do many other manufacturers. The tech is already there to eliminate texting and driving, that and drunk driving are probably the biggest cause of accidents not speeding.

Speed limits were introduced in the 70s due to the gas crisis. They are too low in many areas where a common commuter like a toyota Camry or honda accord can cruise at 90 mph, that used to be luxury/sports car territory and now pretty much every car can do it.

What volvo is doing is a pr stunt imo, if you wanna talk about biased fox news and it’s liberal counterparts this is pretty much what volvo is doing, blaming a factor not the root of the problem.

IIRC BMW limited some vehicles to 128 mph, a few at 135 mph, and some at 156 mph +/- though it was tied into what tires came with it from the factory. It wouldn’t surprise me that most manufacturers do some combination of the above.


yeah and to add Mercedes has limited most amg models to 155 and then you can pay for the S model or performance pack to raise it to 186.

As far as I know, there is no car w/ Level 5 autonomy, and there won’t be for decades.

How so?

Yeah, that’s sort of the problem, no? Cars are perhaps capable for doing much more than the driver behind the wheel can safely control.

But I think part of the point of push toward autonomous driving is recognition of the human element behind accidents. And, while a speed limiter isn’t going to prevent all accidents (or even most of them), accidents tend to be much less survivable when the speeds go up.

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^^^ This [1010101]


bmw has implemented cameras in the digital cluster to see if the drivers eyes are on the road otherwise it cuts off the autonomous driving Under 35 mph… their drivers assistance package reads full autonomous in traffic (it works under 35 mph in the x5, don’t think the 5 series has it yet but I believe the 8 series and 3 series have it as well)

read above for how it eliminates texting and driving, eyes off road would equal car giving you alerts and/or take over in imminent danger like a fender bender, but yet that’s infringing on our freedom :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

The bigger problem in this country is lane discipline is sh*t, you have guys in the left lane going 65-70 when the speed limit is 65 and people want to go 75-80, this causes drivers behind to get impatient and attempt more risky maneuvers, road rage, etc etc. Pass left stay right, yes cars are more powerful than most can imagine but they can be driven with ease at 80,90, 100 mph due to the safety nannies in the car like lane keep, automatic emergency braking.

While 100mph is excessive. Raising speeds on Interstates from 65 to 75 and starting to hand tickets out at more than 10 over i.e 86 mph would decrease congestion in certain areas and traffic accidents, now obviously this isn’t possible in certain sections of heavily congested traffic but this will improve flow away from the city.

There’s plenty of videos and articles on the internet with study backing them up as to why raising speed limits is a good idea.

At the end of the day limiting the speed limit is not the problem here, it’s blaming speeding when it’s more of a factor and not the actual cause of the crash… They have breathalyzer for repeated dui offenders, shouldn’t the same be done for repeat texters?

Let me list how many times I’ve had my Volvo over 115 mph…


Source, please?


this is one of the simplest explanations, plenty of other articles out there, videos, etc etc.

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Unless I missed something, the article doesn’t explain at all why “100 MPH,” specifically, is “excessive.”

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