Volvo A plan clarification

I’m trying to close a deal at the end of the year but need to understand something
I have an A-plan code through my company - and I thought that I could use this for an extra $750 on top of any negotiated discount and incentives.
But now one dealer I am talking to I sayingbthat this is only true for codes that begin with a “J”
Is this true?

(For greater clarity the code I have is Elite - I believe there is a VIP code that they give to actual Volvo employees)

What the dealer is telling you is the difference between VIP and Elite having different codes they start with but BOTH plans allow you to apply the A-plan rebates against the other incentives and negotiated price. Go to the A-plan website and look under the FAQ section and I believe it outlines that specific point.

The A plan should entitle you to a set dollar incentive. I was leasing a S90 so the incentive was $4k but it varies by vehicle and model. You will will have to log on the A-plan website for specifics.

My code started with a B and it went through ok. I think its likely more posturing/selling/trying to create confusion from the dealer. I generally didn’t tell the dealers until we were done or nearly done (w/n 1-2% of my target) negotiating on the MSRP that I had the A-plan. My thought was if you told them too early they would try to anchor you on the 6% off MSRP Plan discount or convince you that you didnt need to keep negotiating because of all the incentives in play (again this varies by vehicle).

In my experience, some of the dealers were either misinformed about the plan or were trying to be shady with it. I had one of my potential dealers say that he was “worried about my wife’s A-plan and to send him the PIN before heading down to the dealership so that he could verify it” (Maybe I’m paranoid but this dealer told a bunch of lies)

Another dealer was misinformed and thought my wife had to be on the lease (she doesn’t as long as you have the same address/household).

What vehicle are you looking at?

Thanks @dnja and @coonies

Honestly I did think that it was a case of dishonest dealer trying to muddy the waters - I also heard some rubbish about it not being worth doing MSDs because “the money factor is only about 3%”

Disappointing considering it was the dealership overall sales manager and I would have done a deal today if I’d gotten a great deal played straight

Looking at an XC90 inscription or maybe a very lightly equipped momentum if I can get it for a steal

Not to bump a super old thread, but if I am not currently a Sams Club member & I join, would I be available for A-Plan within the next month or two? Or how does that work? Thanks in advance.

You are in luck. I can generate an Aplan pin for you. All you have to do is pay my electric bill for a month or two (to show that your address matches my sams club). Deal?