Volvo 2019 XC90 lease - good deal?

Wondering if this is a good deal for a 2019 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription?

$64,800 msrp
36 months
15k miles
$2100 DAS including first month

I did not get any other details for mf/rv, just a written offer with these numbers.


Need more info.

IMO, they’ll be giving these XC90s away come August.

But with what you posted, I’d give this deal a C

@Benedetto can get you a much better deal

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Is that due to the 2020 model hitting the lots?

Hmm thanks.

It’s hard to find actual numbers of signed leases to compare to.

Anyone know real monthly payments for a similar configuration?

We have a month or so to shop but can’t wait that long unfortunately.

Just my intuition, obviously new MY has something to do with it, but I think they’ll be pushing hard this summer on the 19s.

Are you in SoCal?

@PlatinumAutoLeasing Can you stop posting this and just PM those users? Or read that the tag says Florida?

Correct in Florida, thanks Jon.

Sure. Sorry didn’t see the tag till now. Just trying help

I got numbers in Ohio - 74,145 msrp $649/month includes 8% tax with just first month DAS + 10MSDs.