Volt or BMW i3 REx in WA state for ~$200 all in?

Looking for the following with as close to zero down as possible, might be a wild question to ask, but I’ve seen little mentions now and then of amazing deals so it’s worth a shot! I have excellent credit and 10,000 mi/year should do.

Anyone know of any great deals for a '16 or '17 Volt with leather and heated seats (ideally a Premier trim without any added packages, or the LT trim with comfort package) that would be ~$200/mo including WA tax (I believe about 7.7 - 8.6% tax rate across Washington state, my city is 8.6% but I’m not sure how that works if I pick the car up somewhere else in WA). I really only need 24 months but I think the Volt only has 36 months, 10,000 miles probably would be good.

For the BMW i3 REx the I guess the basic trim, they seem to advertise that as having heated seats and LED headlights, which are really my two main points that I want, though leather is nice the BMW seems to be ultra hippy in their colors and material choice… The BMW also would be exempt from sales tax in WA state up to $35,000 of it’s MSRP. Again, 24 month and 10,000 miles.

Basically just trying to get something to hold over until I can order my Tesla Model 3. I guess I would be open to other nice car options but those I would want AWD, heated seats, and HID/LED headlights. Just figured great deals might be more on the Volt or i3 since they have the federal rebates and the i3 dodges most the WA tax too…

In California, $200/month and $0 drive-off (after Clean Vehicle Rebate, which is currently out of funding) for a Volt with leather and i3 REx is doable. I’ve helped friends and family get both.

Not as sure about Washington state, though I believe WA does have a sales tax exemption for EVs. Might want to look into that.

Ya, the BMW would be tax free on $35,000 of the MSRP. The Volt isn’t tax free since they deem the engine to be a primary propulsion of the drive train rather then a generator for the battery.

I’ve seen people post about those kind of deals too but I have no idea how to get them. It doesn’t seem easy to search for lease deals, contacting dealers just gets me into the run around of “come on down!” as they ignore my questions, and national lease rates are like $300 w/$2000 down for the Volt and $269 w/$4000 down on the BMW!

I’m not a forceful person when it comes to negotiations. I could maybe talk a few hundred dollars off or lower it by the same amount of whatever fee they’re charging for something else, but asking for like $4,000 - $5,000 off what their ad says, I feel like an idiot and think “of course they can’t go that low!”

Yet I see others get awesome deals…

And I know I would take great care of the car, make automatic always on time payments, and almost zero chance of defaulting on the lease.

@acarney Don’t feel like an idiot for asking for a low price. Actually, a lot of sales person would probably see you as an idiot if you just take their ‘special offer’. Worst comes to worst, it will only cost them a ‘no’ if the price you ask is truly not doable for them.