Volt lease pricing June 2016

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At Freemont many are reporting $175/mo…The drive off is more tricky, you’d have to get a private offer from Chevy.com, and use the $1000 for the drive off…It would be $500 down (along with the $1000 private offer) and $175/mo but you’ll get a $1500 from Cali in 5-6 weeks…After the $500 drive off, $175/mo x 35 = $6125, then subtract $1500 for the incentive you’ll receive $4625 than divide by 35 months for a monthly net payment of $132…

Any So Cal Dealers with this deal?

California ran out of funding for the clean air vehicle rebates, and as of now, it does not look like they will be funding it any more…

I’ll take the deal wheather the CA 1500 is there or not I think they will recapitalize the fund for 1500 after July but am willing to take the chance

I was the one who typed that…We’ve found one dealer in SoCal who’ll play ball, but it will be a little higher than Freemont…Camino Real Chevy, ask for Marci

Thanks will call in the morning

Can someone report the dealer discount/price BEFORE incentives are applied on the Freemont deal? Trying to replicate the deal in MD, or at least get close. Thanks.

This has happened many times before and the funding always gets replenished. It should happen again.

Unfortunately Marci was 1500 plus private offer not 500 plus private offer, any other so cal dealers before my private offer expires on 6/30

Yeah, I never personally did that, a few others reported you could. So the dealer is demanding a minimum of $1500 for driveoff, did you ask if you could do $500 or even $0 driveoff?

Yeah says 1500 drive off with private offer. So realistically 2500. Luckily I can wait.

I’m assuming the MD means Maryland? I shopping for a Volt in the Baltimore/Washington area. Please post what you find. I’ll do the same.


Cheapest I’ve found seems to be a usaa car buying service/Truecar quote of 2,9xx off MSRP before any rebates. True car charges at least a $299 fee to dealers, so that could be taken off as additional discount if negotiated outside Truecar, theoretically.

Cheapest a dealer has given me in writing is 287.37 a month, 36 months/10k miles, 0 down, all fees and taxes rolled in. 900 in GM earnings and $500 lease loyalty factored in. This was on a $34,555 '17 Volt LT

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That sounds like a good deal on an LT. I’m looking for a Premier because I want the Driver Confidence packages. As I understand it, they are not available on the LT. I do want the ultra-low mileage lease. I’m trying to work online, but they all want me to come to the dealer. I’m not ready to do that until I get a better deal. The responses I have received have been about 4K down plus taxes and about $360/mo. for 36. I’m thinking I may wait for the July incentives.

So I made a dummy Truecar account and put in some bogus contact info…the Truecar quote for that unit above was actually a $3,498 dealer discount…so potentially $3,797 if Truecar fee is worked around.

I’m trying to work a deal with Win Kelly currently.

Hey, I got a response from them with a similar discount through Consumer Reports program which uses Truecar, but they haven’t responded to my request for more numbers.

So it seems the highest pre-incentive, dealer discount I’ve seen reported anywhere is $4k off MSRP. So a dealer very motivated to make a sale at the end of the month would probably be willing to shave at least that much off on either a lease or purchase. Purchase would be eligible for an additional $1k off in CARB states.

Here’s my final deal. Got the dealer to give me a $3,748 discount BEFORE rebates. Ended up with 0 down, 0 drive off, $261/month, first payment waived. Would have been even cheaper if I didn’t have negative equity from the Cruze lease!

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Nice my final was 218 / Mo with 0 out of pocket and private offer with Marci over at Camino Real. Will post paperwork later if I get a chance


Thanks. The deal by itself would have been $238/month without the Cruze negative equity factored in. And that’s before the $2,300 MD EV tax credit too. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I’ll get the 1500 from CA after the stupid politicians stop playing their games and fund the rebate again.