Volt Lease in Colorado after new year? Extra $5000 off?

I might be asking too early, but want to get this out now to find out if we can combine current offers with the soon to be available $5000 rebate on ev’s in Colorado.

As I understand it, a manufacture (dealership?) can claim the State EV credit, so that, with the federal 7500 plus current bonus tags/other offers its turning out like Colorado residents might be able to get some insane deals. Any thoughts or info?

Just read about it as well. It appears it’s straight $2500 credit for leases, $5000 for purchases, and applies at the time of sale which is better than the current calculations based on the battery pack size and all these other factors and is in the form of a tax rebate. Our volt lease is up in February and we were looking at possibly getting a new one this month but may wait until January to take advantage of the credit.

Model year 2017 Volt residuals, MF, GM incentives, Costco casrd, etc… and lease cash are good through 1/3/17. Timing is everything!