Volt Deal help with calcs please?

Hi I am currently trying to negotiate a Volt LT with Leather Seats lease and just want to make sure my calculations are good from what the dealer gave me (1st try on my 1st lease in this country so be gentle!). I have read the guides but being unfamiliar with this I would appreciate some help. Zip is 92127 if that helps?

MSRP - 35510
Discounts - 8310 (inc 7500 Ca cleancar rebate) = 27200
Down Payment - 3400 (includes Drives)
Monthly - 274.43 (295.70 inc tax)
Total Lease - 9879.48 (10645.2 inc tax)
RV of $13920.52 which seems only 39%?!?!?!

Either my math is way wrong, this is a bad deal or my expectations are way off.

Cheers in advance.

Should have said 36mo/15k sorry

Have you checked the other Volt deals in this forum? You should be able to replicate the best deals in CA.