Volkswagon e-golf 2019 lease numbers

Hi All,

i want to lease a volkswagon e-golf 2019.

When I calculate the lease, i am expecting monthly for 135.00 . when i talk to the dealer they are asking around 320.00 .

Can any one help here.


How did you calculate the lease? You can share the Leasehackr Calculator link. My guess is that most of the inputs were incorrect.


Hi Michael ,

Thank you for the response.

Here is the calculation. may be i did some mistake. the calculations comes to 175 a month.

but i still cannot from dealer 175.00


Where you getting $7,500 in lease cash from?

Very very unlikely you are getting 33% between discount and incentives.

You can’t guess at all these and best to just ask the dealer to see what the true discount is, lease cash being applied, and MF.

7500 is federal electroc discount

I think you are talking about the the electric car tax credit, which would be applied as a tax credit, not directly against the lease. I believe the only incentives in NJ for electric cars is that they are excluded from the standard state sales tax.

can u give please give me the working. 7500 need to be applied against my lease payments is my learning.

It’s called a tax credit, thus will never be applied against the lease. Also there are stipulations including number of cars sold of a particular model and requires the car to be purchased, not leased, based on this article.


i am sure tax credit is applied to lease payment as the leasing company will claim tax credit.

Sometimes yes,other times, no. Different makes handle it differently. The only way to be sure you get the credit is to buy the car and have enough tax liability.

“automakers usually (but not always) pass all or most of this amount to the buyer to lower the lease payment.”

Usually is the key word… maybe you are not getting the full credit… you are guessing on how they got to that payment of $320, so why not ask them for the deal sheet?

They could also be inflated the MF, including add-ons, giving you 50% of the rebate, etc,

Correct, there’s a taxable $7,500 rebate on e-Golf from VW Credit.

However, the residual and MF inputted are incorrect. According to Edmunds, it’s 41% for a 24-month lease at 12,000 miles/year, not 64%. MF is .00001, not .00128.

Here’s the same deal with the correct residual and MF.

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Looks like OP confused the BMW i3 MF and residual with the e-Golfs.

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e-golf residual is terrible. I saw 37% for 36 month lease.

I saw it being 33% for 39-mo with only 7500 mi/yr, so definitely pretty bad residual, but in all fairness, when you consider basically ever car starts off with $7500 of lease credit, then it starts to make sense.

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Is the lease still worth it in comparison to purchasing?

No, nope, negative.