Volkswagen - 2016e Golf

36 month lease
E-Golf SE
drive off down
Just your drive off (1st months payment, DMV fee, Acquisition fee, tax on the federal rebate
12K Miles

Is this a good deal?

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What is exactly the drive off amount?
$156 x 36 = $5616 is really good deal i think…
Best way to compare is to sum up all the lease cost and divide by 36 months = total $/mo

I have looked at about 50 dealers in LA and SF for specials on the e-Golf, of the 33 I found this is better than all of them by over $1k on the total lease cost.

That sounds great! Where is this?

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39695 Balentine Dr.Newark, CA 9

Great deal. Get it :slight_smile: And with 2.5k from CA, it’s a steal.