Volkswagen 2016 SEL lease breakdown - San Jose, CA

I Just visited a local Volkswagen dealership in san jose to check Passat SEL trim. The sticker price for the car is 31,850 and net cost is 26,200. Monthly lease is around 307 for 10K /36 month lease. I asked for the lease breakdown but they said that they can’t give that out. Is this a good deal on 2016 Passat SEL?

Also, $0 down payment, Residual - $15,380 Money factor - 0.00020 ( Is this even possible ?)

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you guys!!

I’d check with another dealer.
I’m working with one now that’s given out everything I asked for. But it was one out of 5 that I tried to work with.

P.S I’m in CT so it doesn’t matter the name of the dealership.

Are you looking for the same car. If so, what are your numbers?

Sorry, completely different car. I’m looking at Jetta.
I was just saying if that dealer doesn’t want to give out info - look for another dealership to work with.
The one I’m working with has given out everything including detailed written quote.
They weren’t afraid. Because so far everyone I’ve asked to beat can’t even come close to it.
So if the dealership doesn’t want to give out info - that’s a sign to look for another place.

Here’s the program for 2016 Passat SEL:

36/10K: 49% residual, .00020 MF
$1,000 Memorial Day cash (valid through 5/31/16)
$500 Recent Grad cash

You can plug in the numbers into the lease calculator to see if you get a similar result:

Hello Michael, Thank you for the quick reply. Do you think $307 + taxes a month is a good deal on passat?

How much is the discount on the car itself? Getting $3K or $4K off doesn’t seem to be unusual with VW’s depending on where you go of course.

I think, they are giving around 10 -15% on the sticker price.

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Finally, i got the quote details. Please let me know your thoughts.

So instead of 49% residual for 10k/yr, the new deal quote shows 48% for 12k/yr, and instead of selling price of $26,200 now the selling is $25,700?

WIth the following informaiton, I got the same lease payment number as what gave you,

MSRP $31850
Selling $25700
MF 0.00020
Res 48% (12k/36mo)
Drive-off $0
Lease cash (rebate) $1000
Acq Fee $625
Sales tax 8.75

Monthly Payment $307.32 + tax ($26.89) = $334.21

Sounds about right? Looks like a pretty solid deal especially for a car with such low residual value.

Are you also considering the same car? Are you located in Bay Area too. I am also talking to them about Passat SE with Technology and got the quote for around $289 + tax with $0 drive off.

Hello, How does these numbers look for Passat SE With technology + extra wear and tear protection package ( $1495, I don’t have to pay anything at the end of the lease except for the return fee of $350 ) . Lease with this package included is coming to $356 per month tax included (CA) and $307 without the package . Also, I don’t have to pay anything at signing. I have the option to cancel the package 60 days from the day I get the keys. I am kind of new to this leasing and I am not sure whether I should take the wear and tear protection package or not. Please let me know your thoughts.


Looks like a solid deal. The selling price of $23,818 is great for a $29,550 MSRP car.

As for the excess wear warranty, it’s up to you. How careful are you with cars? Will the car be garaged? If you do not expect to incur $1,715 ($49/month * 35 months) in damage over three years, you’re better off not getting it.

I’d personally skip it. Dents/dings less than 2" are considered normal wear tear and not charged. Even if the tires get to below 1/8", you could always have a set of used tires installed before lease return.