VIN exceptions for GM leases?

Anyone ever heard of this? Specific VINs overriding what the published lease numbers are? Someone posted that a dealer is saying the Bolt they ordered has a VIN exception and the lease terms are different (worse). Is this possible?

Someone posted about this publicly? Can you provide a link for those interested in more details from the OP?

Interest rate on a Bolt lease should be 1.2% this month…But that sheet says 1.7%? What gives? Person had top tier credit, so that’s not it.

I am seeing this too on another Bolt VIN, with the same “exception condition” message and the same 1.73 rate. Not sure why.

All 5 Chevy leases I signed in the past 13 months matched exactly what was in the GMF published numbers verbatim…so I’m really wondering about this “VIN exception”. I don’t think a dealer would go that far to make a few extra bucks by drafting up some bogus pricing sheet. Plus the dealer that printed out that sheet posted above has a reputation for being a straight-shooter.

So GM is alienating its BOLT customers because it wants to make an extra $200 a year on the lease? :frowning:

Wishing someone in the know would post their thoughts. @Anthony_Lopez?