Vhooloo's Solar Eclipse specials for this month?

No S90 deals in the Wiki?

QX60 is not good enough :sob:

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Don’t take it personally but we hate Arsenal Fans :slight_smile: We think their team sucks and therefore so must the car they drive.

Just kidding …

Updated with QX60 deal …

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Enough BS, post the photos of your cars. Or I’ll declare your hackr worthy deals “fake news”

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Read the XC90 thread.

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Ask @BoardWalkNJ about Chevy dealers in your area.

Or search for Hyundai Elantra threads (cheapest one recently)

Read the XE and XF threads.

Thanks for the mention Max. @Lostinjoisey I’d get in touch with Joann at Princeton Chevy or Todd at Pine Belt. The sales manager at Faulkner Hyundai in New Philly was very polite too before I decided that I wasn’t a fan of the Elantra and decided not to pursue a deal.

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I shall post the photos of both the leases - lol I am at work and I drove the truck today :slight_smile:

@vhooloo @Ursus

Any suggestions or recommendations on getting the e300 loaner in so Cali? I’ve tried to contact different dealers various times and for some reason can’t find anyone reliable. They keep going mia after I start to negotiate. Anyone have a good lead or know a good dealer?


Sorry, I don’t. I can’t recommend even my friend as MB dealers are so spoiled here around DC :slight_smile: But try not to scare them away by asking for $350/mo from the start. Try to lead them to the number you are comfortable with. Find a few loaners first - online or by just walking into dealership and asking (if you have time).

I believe you go online to MB or dealer website, look if they have loaners in inventory and then contact the internet sales manager.
To find loaners, sometimes you have to look under used cars, 2017 e300 and look for those with low miles. sometimes they provide carfax and look for those that are not registered/titled. You can also search on cars.com

Think of it like Basbeball. don’t swing at each pitch and try to hit the home run, just move the base runners :slight_smile:Have a cordial conversation about loaners and if they have any and whether they are offering a discount. From then on it is all downhill …

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Thanks you all I had some really terrible so bad it’s funny experiences with a used Hyundai years ago but I will be open minded.

Before the age of cell phones my Hyundai made sure to break down in desolate areas and although it had a great heater, it burned my legs a few times.


Hyundai has come a long way since then. A colleague has leased 2 hyundais in a row and no issues as reliable as Japanese cars

Oh I know. Just THAT CAR. Man that thing was evil.

Cars are like men - the bad ones are just awful and get worse with age. Learn how to stay away from the rotten cars and men lol

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I thought I’d share two deals I negotiated this month in Portland, OR that I decided not to take. (Decided I’m going to wait a couple more months before I pull the trigger).

2017 BMW 330e iPerformance Loaner
They didn’t give me the full breakdown on the numbers, but I was about to sign the papers and I chickened out.
MSRP: $51,030
Selling Price: Unknown
Rebates: $5500 Lease
Fees: ~$1000
Terms: 24 month/10k miles
MF: 0.00151
Residual: 65%
Sales Tax: 0%
Down: First payment $300.00

Payment: $300/mo

2017 Chevrolet Volt 2LT
MSRP: $34,095
Selling Price: $28,989
Lease Cash: $4400
Other Incentives: $1000 (I think Oregon)
Terms: 36/12k
Tier 1 Credit
$0 Down
Sign and Drive Payment: $245.20

I’m just not quite in the right spot to pull the trigger on either of these deals and I think the BMW $5500 rebate may have expired. Both of these were negotiated on August 18.

Hope these might be of some use to you all!

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For the 330e,
So the total due at sign is 1300?(fee+down)