Vhooloo's Solar Eclipse specials for this month?

Ok just kidding about the title but here is the monthly play by play (all 36 months), which I hope may help
a) $130-150 - 24/10 Buick Encore preferred, absolutely zero due at signing
b) $200 to 250 range - 2017 RAV XLE hybrid, 31k MSRP, helps to have grad discount (1.5k)
c) Under $300** - S60 inscription - again helps to have Costco
d) $300-400 range - 2017 E300 loaner, P1 package, MSRP 58-61k, max MSD, 10 k miles
e) $300-400 range - 2017 Jaguar XF, Premium 55k MSRP
f) 400 - 2017 Infiniti Qx60 AWD- 10K/39Months with Premium Plus package:
g) $400-450** range - 2017 XC90 , 59 K, max MSD, 7.5k miles lease must be existing costco member, helps to have conquest
h) $450ish - 2017 Lexus GX460 premium, MSD, must negotiate 12% off, apply 1500 lexus lease, 1k PGA cert (if you indeed qualified for it, ahem cough cough),
h) $450ish - 2017 Lexus RX350 premim, MSD etc etc (see above)

If you’re contemplating a lease that is not the above list, then you don’t need it or you are paying too much lol :slight_smile:


Thanks. Now its the time to start hunting.


I am in the market for a new XC90, lived in Atlanta, which charges tax on the whole amount instead of the lease amount. That makes the lease option essentially not viable.

Just curious, if I am buying the car outright using financing or cash, what should I be aiming for?

Thanks a lot

You could always look into a Montana LLC like someone suggested in another thread.

Stop giving legally dubious advice.


@max_g @vhooloo @Ursus
Any recommended dealers around for east cost? I’m located in NYC but I could fly and pick up or shipped chicago,NC or GA. I’m looking at XC90, GX460, RX350. Thanks.

So what’s the method to the Jaguar XF for 300-400?

I currently got a dealer to get a base convertible F-TYPE for $429/month with $0 down ($2400 drive off -_-), but decided the lack of back seat and trunk space was not ideal for my situation.

Regardless, going to stop by Jaguar tonight and see what they can do. Wish there were deals on the XE.

Volvo Manhattan and Ray Price Volvo in East Stroudsburg PA. Just purchased a car from the former and had a great offer from the latter.

@vhooloo Where is the S60 for under $300? What’s wrong with you lately, man :slight_smile:

No shit, it’s $3,500 or $100/mo LOL

There are many Volvo dealers around DC and @TiannaEJ just played them well (Koons Volvo does not include freight in their internet price). I’d search inventories with the highest discount and just email your numbers.


I’m still looking for a humble lease in the NJ PA DEL area

Any suggestions on how to play the dealers like Ursus mentioned on a Chevy Bolt EV

@mzcool @Ursus Thank you much. I’ll start shooting email. What’s the target percentage off MSRP for XC90? Appreciated it.

In terms of the XC90, I don’t know because I got a S90. I think the PA dealership could probably get you the best deal, because lets be real, who buys luxury cars in the Poconos?

Thanks Ursus - list updated with S60. I guess since I drive one everyday, it’s easily forgotten :slight_smile:

Don’t shoot yet. Read how @inter101 got prepared (he got 11% off MSRP before any rebates) and get all your numbers in order first.


@huitong00700 First - that avatar is deeply disturbing :slight_smile:
Second - fear not - On January 1st, the rules for leasing change in Georgia, so our advice to all hackrs in Atlanta is either move to Montana or wait a few months there is bound to be a leasing bonanza in Atlanta in Jan 2018 :slight_smile:

b) Under $300** - S60 inscription - again helps to have Costco/conquest

There is no conquest on S60 :slight_smile:

Fixed it. I am living up to my 60% moniker :slight_smile:

Then put it in the fine print, or someone will sue you. For fraud LOL

Will do. Thank you:slightly_smiling_face: