VHOOLOO's crystal balls deal alert: Lexus cash $4k on GX460

This should make for some good numbers. People were getting around 450 monthly when the Lexus cash was $1.5k. Now they have increased it to 4k, so nominally a GX460 could be had for 399 and under, making this a vhooloo certified deal …



Even better - the 4k cash seems to stack on top of 1.5k cash??

People have talked about it. Seemed to be for buying not leasing.

Is it for leasing or no? I would grab one,

I was thinking the same. But, as always with @vhooloo, he posts a screenshots with crazy offers and “* Offer details” text but no actual fine print from him.

Fine print: “Cash available from Lexus, a division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Offer cannot be combined with Special APR and Lease offers from Lexus Financial Services. Must take delivery from dealer stock by 10/31/2017.”

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Hmmm yeah, as somebody else posted only 1.5k for Lease and 4k for sales. To me that means Lexus is desperate to move these units … Apologies for the confusion …

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There’s $1500 of lease cash and no loyalty on these. Not that great.

My local dealer said that 4k is only for purchase and not lease.

@vhooloo Crystal ball needs some polishing I guess.

Agreed. Nothing better than shiny polished Crystal Balls to see future lease deals…

You need a new set now, since these were busted.

I wish my local dealer would get close to even $450 a month for the 460, we would have gotten one. But for $700 a month, I passed. This was a 24 month / 10k miles / $1k at signing lease.

My hunt for a @vhooloo rated deal continues.

Longer term will be MUCH better, but definitely far off from the 700 number

We need gas prices too go up and economy in the dumps for a good SUV deal…