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We’re in Chicagoland, looking to sign a 36/12 lease on a Venza LTD. No rush, but looking to replace a beloved Grand Cherokee. We don’t see much inventory on the lots. Would we be better off waiting a few months to see if inventory started flowing again? We don’t mind paying a little over MSRP. Lots of dealers in our extended metro area, and we can travel most anywhere to get the exact model and deal we want (airline retiree). We’ve considered both a Lexus RX450H, and Hyundai Tucson LTD, but the Venza seems to fit the sweet spot for us in terms of size, luxury, hybrid mileage, and up to date tech. We’d appreciate any advice or guidance from folks who’ve scored a successful Venza lease recently. Thanks!

Because of the tax situation, leasing if you’re in chicago proper is a non-starter imo.

With that said, if you can wait, do so for as long as you can. The last thing you want to do is hop into an overpriced lease and then pay 20% tax on it.

We’re in suburban Cook County, with a tax rate 8.25%.

If you’re not in Chicago proper, it’s not nearly as bad as you don’t get hit with the double tax.

I’d still try to push things off as long as possible though.

Also, keep in mind that Toyota is having major shortages currently.

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I would also suggest waiting it out if you can. This is the arguably the worst time to lease or buy a car.

I am in Chicago burbs and jumped on a Venza lease earlier this year for under $300. So far we enjoy driving it. Toyota did a good job on this hybrid and we are actually getting 37-40 mpg.

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That Lexus will probably lease out cheaper than that Venza your looking for. They will most certainly mark the Venza up by only a couple thousand.

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