Velar SE R Dynamic 6 cylinder


I am looking to lease a Velar with registration in downtown Chicago. So far I have spoken to one dealer who quotes me really high prices for a 64K vehicle( discounted price) - ( 895/mo) including taxes which I think is absurd. I think they are confused because when I asked about the MF they said they are using a 0.008 number which is too good to be true and prices are too bad. I am looking for a 700-750/mo including tax. Is this too high a target? I have seen people getting 650/mo on the same car but I don’t know if that’s possible given Land Rover’s intrinsics ( no self-financing, low residual value etc.) .

Would appreciate any comments , broker help etc.

I don’t think you’ve seen 650 on a 6 Cyl SE R dynamic

Hoping you missed a 0 or two there, otherwise I might have an idea on the problem…

Yes, you are right. I was missing a zero. They are using 0.0008. Any idea what’s missing in the equation ? I don’t think I can negotiate the residual, can I ?

What should be a good number in that case ? I think I am inclined towards an X5 because those are leasing much better from what u have seen.

Chicago taxes hurt.

You don’t provide enough information here to gauge whether or not this this is a good deal. If you can register the car in Illinois outside of Chicago, you probably could get this in the mid-high 700s.