Velar Loaner Lease Deal

I’m looking for a Velar for my wife. I would need a lease of 36/12. Based on what I can find it will have to be a 19 because the 18s are not leasing well. She has an evoque and we just got a three month pull ahead offer. Not married to the velar but would pull ahead for the right deal. I proposed the below on a 19 loaner and we are about 4K apart on price. Is the below doable or should I forget about the velar and look at something else? Not trying to go above 600 a month

MSRP: $60,223
After Discount: $51000 15% off
MF: .00067
Residual: 56%
Pre Tax: $537
With Tax(9.25%):$586
Drive Off: $2158.59

I wouldn’t get a base Velar like this. It’s not well equipped at all.

If you’re 4K apart there’s probably no way you’ll get there either.

I’d look at something else for 600.

You can get a nice SE R loaner for 700/month

Honestly she likes the car but doesn’t need a ton of options and is open to loaners, so I don’t have an issue with a more base model. Her Evoque is a pretty base one.

Let me know if you come across something that fits what I’m looking for

You should put your general location to get better help.

Guessing California with that tax rate?

Bostoncaradvocate…errr…concierge does not do Cali deals on Land Rovers.

Nashville, Tennessee. No state income tax but they kill you on sales tax

Here in Cali, we get high sales tax (I’m 9.25% in San Jose), plus the pleasure of almost 10% state income taxes.

Don’t get me started about the gas taxes we pay to NOT fix the roads.

Hello @Bostoncarconcierge Can you please provide a sample pricing to get to the $700/mo lease on a Velar SE loaner?

Not this month…

Land Rover got crushed this month w deals

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I assume there’s no way to know if May will be better?

If you can tell the future



Let me know your thoughts. I’m waiting on the MF and Residual Details and fee details. It is a demo car. From what I’ve seen this is about as good as I’m going to get unless there is a surprise

MSRP 66456
Discount 11488.76
USEF Rebate 1000

2k at signing and $651 a month for 10k/36months

For what it’s worth, when leasing a car in Tennessee, I believe you only pay the 7% TN state sales tax, and not the additional 2.25% Davidson County sales tax. My pre-tax payment is $356 and my total monthly payment is $381.

Technically, you pay the 7% on your monthly payments and the 2.25% on the first $1,600 of your payments, which works out to $1 per month.

Let me know if you find a great leasing source in Nashville. We sure do need one!

That’s a great help on a tax side. Honestly I’m feeling pretty good about this as I haven’t seen an r dynamic deal this low even if it is a loaner. If anyone out there knows of one let me know!

its the most base r-dynamic possible, but solid deal nonetheless. I’d sign that myself in a heartbeat.

I like it because it’s full leather not the suede sided and the only thing it didn’t have I wanted was the smartphone pack which they are installing

The plot thickens. I just got the numbers via email and have a call with the sales manager because he wanted to have a call with me. What he is going to tell me is the CarFax I just pulled is showing an accident on April 20th. Rear damage no airbags deployed. I’m a little more concerned about this now. Love to hear everyone’s thoughts. I have no plans on buying it after the lease FYI.

Did you talk to the sales manager yet? Since you aren’t planning to keep the car, I don’t see anything wrong with moving forward with the deal, provided they have all the repairs properly documented. Maybe you can push for a little more discount?

Is this a loaner? Thank you