Vehicle lease inquiries

This one is for the users, not the admins. I know that all the brokers and dealers are with me on this one because this is a very common issue that i have discussed wirh other brokers.

PLEASE, for G-d’s sake, stop inquiring on cars when you are not serious. It has unfortunately come to the point where I ignore most LeaseHackr inquiries in my inbox.

You know who you are. The people inquire about leases that waste mine and other brokers’ time are giving this forum a bad reputation. If you are not ready to sign on a car the day you are inquiring, just wait, so us brokers can dedicate our time to other deals.

Moral of the story: please do not inquire with us brokers about a lease if you are not serious, because 95% of the leads generated off of this forum turned out to be a waste of time because people like to just talk when they are not actually looking for a car.




20 Characters and so on.

You get what you pay for. It goes both ways.

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I contacted a broker here, and I was ready to sign (I even found the cars and dealership FOR the broker), and, after contacting said broker, I still never get a response from the dealership for an initial quote, let alone a good quote. I don’t even know if the lame response I got from the dealer (literally them saying, “We have good deals here!” in a voicemail) was b/c of the broker at all.

I took my $ elsewhere and bought a car ~1 wk later.

Broker never bothered to follow up w/ me (and must’ve known that there had been no deal b/c he/she never got paid). ::shrug::

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I’ve never used a broker before, but would it be too much to ask for a small retainer?

So your solution to this issue to ask people “stop” inquiring when they are not ready to sign ? If so , you made your point and people will probably not inquire with you going forward which may cost you business opportunities .


You got that right! Don’t talk to me unless you are ready to sign…NOW!
Probably one of the dumbest posts I have seen here…so if you don’t want to waste “Elegantautoleasings” time don’t contact him unless you are ready to sign…Oh and don’t waste his time with questions…Sad.


Just being devil’s advocate - what if Person A, inquires publicly about a lease and has minimal intention of follow through. Perhaps Person B stumbles upon the discussion and says “wow - that’s a good deal. I had no idea that kind of deal was available. Let me contact the broker and see what I can do!”

I mean, is this a discussion forum or an auction where if you raise your hand you’re commiting to buy?


I think most of the people contacting you are trying to learn — when’s the last time you posted a deal but you have your email on the forum.

I mean you could just deactivate your account instead of venting

At the same time people should be respectful of others time


Tire kickers are a fact of life. Hell, this is the car business. That’s how the term was invented, right?

As someone who does a lot of business on this site… granted, its more pronounced here, its the cost of doing business. There is one guy that now calls me three times a week looking for deals (put up with his crap for two months), never bought a car though. I simply deny his calls, will block number soon.

If someone has sent me numerous PMs on a various range of cars over a long timeline (which LH tells you if you scroll to the bottom of the pm! amazing @michael thank you) , I generally don’t respond.


Welcome to the car business Sir… infact any business these days. You are in a service business and the number 1 factor in this business is again, How you service clients. Unfortunately, not every client or should I say “prospect” is a deal signer. Its a part of business like any other. If you don’t service them just based on your thought that they can be wasting time, then you are not on the right forum I guess. Part of the definition of being a registered broker on this forum means to broker deals, but you cant deny the other part which is to work with the community and give your valuable input to those who need help.