Varying lease amounts over the course of a lease

I recently finalized a lease agreement for a new vehicle. Following extensive negotiation, the dealership agreed to a deal with a monthly payment of approximately X. However, upon returning home and reviewing the lease contract, I discovered that the scheduled payments fluctuate throughout the lease term. For example, over the course of a 24-month lease, the payment starts at X for the initial 8 months, then increases to X+40 for the subsequent 10 months, and finally rises to X+50 for the remainder.

The dealership had explicitly stated in the initial lease worksheets that the payment would be a consistent X and this is what we agreed. Unfortunately, I overlooked this changing payment structure when signing the lease. What are my options? I did trade in a car, and some quick research indicates that the dealer can choose which months to apply the tax reduction (WA). Not sure if that is what is happening here. What are my options?

What is the mystery car? Captive bank?

Standard Cadillac Lyriq lease

Post your contract with your personal info redcated.

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Never heard of anything like this. Please post your contract.


I dont have it right now. Will post when I am back home. I was in a rush and verified the worksheet and initial payment amount in the contract, assuming everything was correct. What frustrates me is that I was holding out for that specific number, and they offered it to get me to sign the lease. I didn’t realize it was only for the first few months.

And you have taken delivery, driven the car off the lot?

Valuable lesson here: get contracts ahead of time via email. Then read them thoroughly. And only after doing this, go and sign in person at a dealership.

Yes, I drove the car home. However, this is outright unethical. This isn’t a mistake or a misunderstanding. The dealer knew this was a very specific requirement. I’m usually very careful about these things, but a combination of specific factors made me let my guard down.

Do you have any pre negotiation trails which state the original monthly you negotiated? If so, that may help you. Otherwise going to be tough since you signed. You could push a case with Cadillac. This is a definitely first for me.

Yes. I have the printed out worksheet that clearly calls out the amount for 0 down.

I’m not sure how that relates to variable payment over the course of the lease.

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When I gave them the lease amount I would agree to sign the lease with 0 down, they showed me a worksheet with 0 down and payments close to the numbers I was asking for. Apparently, in Washington, tax credits for trade-ins can be applied unevenly over the lease term. So, they applied a higher credit in the first few months to reach the number I wanted, and the remaining 15 months were at a higher lease rate. They made me beleive thats the lease over the entire lease because inwas not even aware of a lease that could have carying amounts.

Found this, which aligns with what you said about varying lease amounts. Sadly, there probably isn’t anything you can do now since you signed the contract.