Value Car Leasing


Just wanted to introduce myself as a newbie to the forum, and open up a review thread. My name is Mike, and I primarily work in the Ohio Valley/Upstate NY/MD/DC/VA/WV/PA areas.

I’m not one to talk myself up, but I’ll tell you that I’ll always work for your best interests, and look forward to serving some of you in the future.

Feel free to send me any questions/inquiries to PM, email at, or via text at 412-212-8560.

Do you have any sample/example deals to post to compare with?

Mike was very responsive and made the deal go smoothly. Reached out Saturday morning and ended up picking the truck up Monday night. He kept checking in to make sure everything with the dealer was going as expected. Really happy with the deal he got and the truck is amazing.

Great looking truck! Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy that rig for the next couple years!!