Using a Ford PCO on F-150 Lease


I received a $3,000 PCO from Ford for use on an f-150 that expires on 7/1. I want to use this towards a lease but was looking for some advice on how to best approach the dealer when haggling. Should I mention the PCO upfront or beat them down to the best price and then mention it? Or will they know no have it in their system?

I am looking for a super crew F-150 (preferably STX) under $250 a month with true zero down if possible. Hoping this is possible with the current incentives with the PCO stacked.

Any advice on the best way to approach would be appreciated!


From what I heard, you should negotiate before you mention the PCO. Once you get close to the price you want then use it as extra incentive.

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Correct at the very least negotiate the sales price first.

It’s possible on an STX. With a PCO i got my dad one for about 250. Difficult but possible. Definitely attainable under 300 I would say.

Did they just send you the PCO or did you request it.

And mention it at the very end. They won’t look for it in their system unless u mention it

Are PCO transferable?

I registered for offers on ford’s website - I received a $1,000 one shortly after but it took about six months to land the $3,000.

I don’t believe so

they can look up rebates by name, just don’t reveal your real name until you finalize details.


I also have a $2500 PCO, $3k on lariat and above… Got lucky with popup on Fords website, haven’t been able to recreate since. There’s a thread on a Ford truck forum website that has valuable information on negotiating and maskng your pco. Also tons of information on pricing. If you have time start reading from post 3000 and up. Mostly based on purchasing but should use it as a baseline. If they have your name, number, or address they will look it up in their system so try not to let any of that out before your done negotiating. Best of luck. Also just so you know. Retail incentives for purchase and lease are different, you won’t qualify for all of them using the captive lender.

Also I haven’t looked into this yet. But Ram is running a a huge sale. They have a cash allowance incentive of 20% of the oldest 15% of Big horn inventory. Combine that with a 15% dealer discount and you may get close to what your looking for on payment. You would have the run that thru a non captive lender to qualify for the incentive.