User suggested Car/SUV/Trucks database updates

I know I’m new here, but it seems like the Car/SUV/Truck database doesn’t update in real time or is much too slow. I know the moderators/techs work hard to keep it up to date, and can’t reasonably know every possible new car out there, but I’ve noticed there are missing cars/trims in the drop-down menus for car selections like in the lease calculator. Maybe the solution I’m looking for is simpler than I thought, but in the meantime, I’ll create a thread strictly for missing car/suv/truck trims to streamline the list until there’s an official solution.

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As promised in another thread, this thread will be a list of vehicles suggested to be added to the leasehackr database. I’ll start first:

‘22 Lexus IS 500 Base Trim RWD
(MSRP: $57,925)

‘22 Lexus IS 500 Premium Trim RWD
(MSRP: $62,425)

‘22 Lexus IS 500 Launch Edition RWD
(MSRP: $68,425)

Hi @Lrodx797 ,

Thank you for the suggestion. We updated the model selection on LH Calculator to include the Lexus IS 500. It doesn’t seem like the LH Calculator was able to verify IS500’s MF from the open web. From my web search, the MF for IS500 in SoCal is 0.00245.

At present, the only way to obtain the complete, up-to-date RV/MF database is to buy it from data aggregator companies. We did look into such a solution, but this endeavor is prohibitively expensive. As LH is crowdfunded, we have yet to garnered enough interest and financial contribution from the community to move forward with the purchase. It is definitely something we would love to build out for the community if we can get enough support!


I say raise the price for Super supporters until we hit the amount necessary to cover the cost

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