Used Mercedes Benz C300 4matic

I was offered this deal yesterday. The car was a loaner to the dealership and has about 9k but Jain a stellar condition . The deal was $381 per month with $2500 which includes getting out of my lease which I owe about $1800 for MINI. The car has blind spot monitor, rear view camera, panoramic roof and an excellent speaker system. I felt like I could get
My payment down . Is that a good or a bad deal ?

What’s the MSRP, selling price, money factor, residual, etc.? People are going to need that information to tell you whether or not it’s a good deal.

Selling price is 37800
I don’t have the other info.

You’ll definitely want them to give you that. Have them send you a deal sheet with all the relevant information and post it. If they won’t send it to you, that’s your first clue it’s not a good deal.

The selling price is 37133.63
The money fctor is0.00083
The residual value is 27,727.80
The MSRP is 48,230

That’s not a bad deal at all.

The only concern I would have would be how the 9k miles effects the residual. Putting everything into the calculator it looks like a 57% residual for 36/12k which is a little low, but you are getting 23% off MSRP which is great.

Maybe someone with more knowledge than me on demo leases can chime in and help.

It’s 10 k not 12 k x 36 months

Another dealer also offered this
MSRP 29175
Residual 16921
MF 0.00080
Sales price 27790

You sure that’s for a Benz, and not for a Honda Civic like in your other thread?

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Shoot wrong the wrong numbers sorry

MSRP of 50,530
The selling price is 39,998
The money factor is 0.00083
The residual value is 29,302
The payment with 2500 total out of pocket at 10,000 miles per year for 36 mo .is 424.82

Well, $381 < $423, or are the vehicles substantially different?

The $423 has more “toys”

So is that a good lease ? Cause the dealer does not want to budge on those numbers?

The dealer will never appear to be wanting to budge. Now it’s up to you to make a bid. Dare them to say no.

I understand but I have already offered several bids and they turned everything down.

In that case, how competitive is your local market and do you have other dealers within driving distance?

Only dealer currently offering to lease a loaner vehicle.
Is the lease as it stands a bad deal ?

It doesn’t sound like a bad deal and might be the best you can get in an uncompetitive market.

Offer $1,000 less on the selling price (all other terms remain the same) and see.

Ok let me ask this : what would make it a good deal ?