Used car prices are through the roof

I had heard through a recent you-tube video that really fat deals on used cars were being made due to Corona weirdness and used car shortages.

So I tested the theory on my weekend race-around “extra” car. When I started leasing cars for myself in 2017 I had shopped this car for what the actual cash value was worth. At that time I got two offers (Car max and a large new car dealership). They offered me $9500 and $10k for the car at the time (2017).

Fast forward to last week, and I got an offer for $12.5k for that same car some three and a half years later. The car looks great and has been garage kept the whole time. It hasn’t been driven all that much since then maybe 3000 miles extra.

But still, the used car market is offering really high prices. That’s great if you are a seller, not so great for a buyer.

This won’t last. If you have been thinking about selling ‘ol Betsy’ now is the time

What will Tesla be at next Monday?

My :crystal_ball: says unrealistically and astronomically higher.